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If you have ever had an interest in studying the Bible, you have probably purchased one or more study Bibles that included notes and cross references. Now, with My Study Bible, you can create your own personal study Bible with your own verse notes and cross references.

My Study Bible provides an easy way to read and navigate through the Bible.

And, whenever you navigate to a chapter, all the notes and cross references you’ve made for verses in that chapter will automatically be displayed along with a reference to any sermon notes or studies you’ve compiled that included one of the verses.

Adding a note is easy. Just select one or more verses, touch the Notes button, type the note and save it.

After performing a search, you can create a verse to verse cross reference along with a note explaining the link.

Any time you make a note, the date is automatically recorded so it should be interesting to read your notes from several years earlier and see how your understanding has changed or grown.

You can also color code verses. Add as many different color codes as you like then color code a verse with multiple color codes to identify such things as promises, commands, verses about money, etc. You can even search using your color codes.

You can also build a list of your favorite verses with an explanation as to why the verse is a favorite. And you can review your list of favorite verses with one touch.

With My Study Bible you have a complete concordance at your fingertips. Type in the word or part of a word you want to search for and touch the section in which you want to search: current chapter, current book, Old Testament, New Testament, or entire Bible and every verse that contains that word will be displayed. You can search for parts of words, whole words, or words that start or end with what you are search for.

And, you can further limit your search by color codes.

Once you’ve found verses you’re looking for, add notes and cross references, color code them, or add them to your favorites list.

In addition to adding notes and cross references to verses, you can also take notes during sermons and messages. You can put in a title for the message, the speaker, date and a description for future reference. Then, add headings and sub-headings (four types) and notes in an outline format.
And, you can link in verses, the text of which will be copied into your notes.

If a friend missed the message, you can send your notes via email. The notes are included in the body of the email so your friend won’t need to have the app.

You can also create studies or compilations of verses. Maybe you want to gather all your notes on a particular topic together. Start a new study, give it a title, description and date then find the appropriate verses and link them in. Any notes or cross references you have made for those verses will be pulled in to the study. But, you can remove individual notes if you like and rearrange the order of the verses in the study.

And, like with message notes, you can share your study with a friend via email. Maybe a friend is going through a difficult time and you want to share some verses to encourage them. This is the way to do it.

You can also adjust the font size within a range of font sizes by using a pinching gesture on the Bible chapter text like you would if you were zooming a photo in and out.

This initial version of My Study Bible includes the King James Version of the Bible. Future updates will allow you to download additional versions, select your preferred version and view multiple versions simultaneously for comparison. And, of course, any notes you make will always be there.

If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact us at

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Fixed a couple of problems when running on iOS 9.
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