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The simplest and most discrete way to keep track of your diet!

See what our customers are saying about PhotoDiet:

"...I really like taking a picture of the food than hassling with trying to figure out the serving size and exact calories.  I’ve tried diet journals before but it is too much work for me to do longer than a week.  With this app I just guestimate on the calories.  Just being able to go back and see what I’m eating and when is perfect for me.  I don’t think I’ll tire with using it as soon as I would a regular diet journal..."

"...I think you've got a great program with the automatic features - other diet photo type programs make you click through too many things to input the data..."

Just tap on PhotoDiet, point at your meal and that is it! You can:

- Add calories and other details.
- Export/Backup your data.
- Transfer your data to your ipad/ipod touch and even your iMac or PC via HTML.
- Post to facebook via facebook connect
- Share your data with your Friend/Dietist/Health consultant.
- Pick your own background picture.

Other great things about PhotoDiet:

***** If you are concerned about taking pictures of your food during a business lunch or a hot date, don't worry! PhotoDiet has a "Stealth" mode: just turn your iphone into silent mode, pretend you are reading email and hold your iphone still pointing at your meal, PhotoDiet will automatically take a picture and store it so you can add details later. They will never know!

***** Sometimes it is very hard to track our own diet and we don't realize how much (or little) we are eating. With PhotoDiet, it is very easy!

***** PhotoDiet is also the easiest way to share pictures of your meals with your Facebook friends. This holiday season, take pictures of your Thanksgiving meal and share it with your friends using Facebook connect.

***** If you need to send your diet details to your Friend/Dietist, you can! Export to HTML and email it, He/She can see your data directly in their PC and see your comments on every meal.

***** You have seen all these shows that show people how much they eat in a week, now you can do it too in a discrete way and motivate yourself to live a healthier life or confirm that you are following your diet goals.

***** If you run into any problems, please don't hesitate to send us email at

- Editable meal types
- Motivational messages
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