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Get your iPQ Career Planner and familiarise yourself with the iPQ assessment for free.

Objective career advice from the company most likely to assess you for jobs you apply to.

iPQ Career Planner helps you find your ideal job and improves your chances of getting it. As the app is an iPhone version of the world-leading personality questionnaire from SHL, you can familiarise yourself with the questions employers often use in assessments. Then you can download a report that summarises your key strengths, your weaknesses and how to address them, and identifies the jobs most suited to you.

Try out the leading personality assessment used by employers

Download the app and familiarise yourself with one of the most used personality assessments in the market , the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ), or iPQ as it is called on the iPhone. The OPQ personality assessment is used by 80 of the FTSE 100 and nine out of ten of Forbes World’s biggest companies.

Find your ideal job and learn how to get it – FOR FREE

On completing the assessment you can request your personal iPQ Career Planner report, helping you secure the job that’s right for you in today’s competitive market. Most appropriate to graduates or those considering managerial or professional roles, the report will identify:

•Your key strengths that will help you get a job
•The jobs you are most and least likely to enjoy
•The aspects of your personal style that will help or hinder you in interviews or in a new role

Based on the above, you also get personalised development advice to improve your chances of success in interviews or assessments.

All you have to do is complete the questionnaire, click on the ‘Get Report’ button, and your personalised feedback report will be downloaded to your iPhone.

To learn more about the iPQ Career Planner visit www.shldirect.com/iPQ.

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