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Uppror is a music, fashion, film and photography magazine focusing on the new generation of artists with in-depth interviews and innovative covers.

As an introduction to Uppror on the iPad, Issues 001 – 003, are all included with this App.

We hope you enjoy Uppror and remember to contact us via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with your thoughts, ideas and feedback.

In issue 001 we bring you the Rock ‘n’ Roll in print of Uppror’s very own photographic director Ian Davies. His impressive photographic work includes David Bowie, Aerosmith, Deborah Harry, The Prodigy and many more. He also discusses his favourite moments with these Rock legends. Charlie Fink of Noah and the Whale talks about their second album The First Days of Spring. We learn that fashion designer Maaike Mekking takes her inspiration from seventies horror films and R ‘n’ B sensation Master Shortie reveals all about the making of his new album A.D.H.D.

Issue 002 features new Glastonbury favourites, The Crystal Fighters; we found out that their success is all down to the discovery of an old man’s book, opera and Basque instruments. We take a look behind the scenes at Joe Corre’s new fashion label A Child of Jago. Uppror also catches up with the glamorous female DJ double-act the Broken Hearts to talk London and their best-loved tracks. And finally the Trailer Trash Tracys muse about their minimalistic-swirling-melodic-tunes.

Issue 003 leads with the UK's most poetic and up-and-coming band The Heartbreaks; including an exclusive Uppror video interview after their recent tour supporting Carl Barat. American actress Ashleigh Sumner talks art and running for her life. We have a rare interview with the man who helped create Dubstep sound – King Cannibal. He talks about his music influences, new sounds, touring the States and performing in the weirdest of places. Another person who also likes to create sound is photographer and night club promoter Alex Lambrechts who is on a mission to show you how to really party.

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