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Discover a new way of telling stories to your child. Enter an enthralling world of fantasy. Bookidu is the new app for reading aloud – with sounds and music. Just magic! Sitting on the sofa or before bedtime: Bookidu is an adventure for you and your child. It's fun for the whole family! Children will love this!

Bookidu – Tell a story!

We are happy to invite you to read our first story! Accompany Hansel and Gretel into the deep woods. Take your time to hear the voices of the animals. Listen to the screams of the owl and to the witch, designing her nasty plan. Like this you have never experienced fairytales before. Look forward to our next stories. Experience the adventures of the Frog King. And wait with Cinderella for her prince charming.

That's how it works:

You are the director! Each scene has got it's own background sound: e.g. chirping birds, a creek or the wind in the trees. While reading aloud you activate effects. It's easy: The words are highlighted. Test it!

★ in app purchase
★ all stories in English and German
★ read a free sample of any stories before you buy it
★ individual volume and text size
★ bookmark

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