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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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iCook Italian is a series of cookery eBooks which can be purchased individually. Each eBook contains 40 illustrated recipes and is available in both Italian and English.

With more than 640 illustrated recipes, from appetisers to pasta, from rice to soups, from second courses of meat and fish to ice-creams, desserts, puddings and cakes as well as pizza, focacce, egg dishes and salads, iCook Italian is a genuine feast of Italian gastronomy created for iPad/iPod/iPhone.

All dishes were chosen by taking a peek at the recipe books in grandmother’s kitchen along with those of the most creative and talented chefs in the country, marrying tradition with modernity and putting regional specialities alongside the cuisine of other countries. All were chosen with an eye on their nutritional value, something which has made Mediterranean cuisine such a success.

Each recipe is accompanied by a photo of the finished dish and step by step instructions on how to make it. We haven’t forgotten about the ideal wine either, which helps bring out the very best in flavours and aromas, and some simple, but practical, advice about the pleasures of food and how to choose the right ingredients for that final touch of class. Secrets stolen from the best kitchens in Italy.

Titles currently available:
- Vegetarian recipes
- Chocolate
- Cake & Pies
- Mousse & Flans
- Fish
- White meat
- Rice
- Pasta
- Tagliatelle & Co.
- Ice cream & Fruit
- Pizza & Co.
- Eggs
- Single courses
- Soups & Creams
- Salads
- Appetizers
- Cocktails & Snacks
- Fast cooking (italian language version only at this time: "Cucina veloce")

Updating to version 3.0
New shop and library
New display engine:
- Improved view on devices of small size (iPhone/iPod touch)
- Iconographic index
- Customizable bookmarks

We have changed the criteria of local storage to make it compatible with the new iOS 5 and iCloud specification.
To save space in the device, we recommend deleting the app before installing the new version.
The eBooks purchased in the previous version do not get automatically uploaded after updating. It's possible to repurchase them free. iTunes does NOT charge twice for the purchase of the same eBook.

Updating to version 3.1
- New title available in Italian and English languages:
The Best Christmas Recipes (Menu di Natale)
- Minor bug fix

WARNING: From this version on, it will NO LONGER BE POSSIBLE to open the eBooks using other applications. If necessary, you can do it BEFORE upgrading the App.
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更新日時:2022年12月5日 12時38分




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