Movie Camera

価格 600円
開発者Tom Corwine
リリース日2011-02-04 11:05:17
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Movie Camera v1.4 ©2011, Tom Corwine

Finally! A motion picture camera app for the iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that allows your professional skills to shine.

Movie Camera is designed for professional cinematographers who want to leverage the small size and portability of the iPod touch or iPhone but still want complete control over the picture settings. Now you can shoot SD (640x480), HD 720p (1280x720, iPod touch and iPhone 4 only) or HD 1080p (1920x1080, iPhone 4S only) video and maintain complete control over the white balance, exposure and focus - all with the ease of use iPod touch and iPhone users have come to expect.

Here are some of the features Movie Camera offers:
•Set a specific point-of-interest for focus (iPhone only)
•Lock the focus or let the camera auto-focus on your point-of-interest (iPhone only)
•Set a separate point-of-interest for picture exposure
•Lock the exposure or let the camera continuously adjust the exposure on your point-of-interest
•White balance the camera manually
•Control over the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S's light

Movie Camera records H.264 video at 29.97fps (iPhone 3GS may suffer a reduced frame rate in low light conditions) and AAC audio in Quicktime wrapped .mov files. Files can be stored in Movie Camera's directory or in the iPhone or iPod touch's camera roll. Local files can be exported using iTunes document sharing or sent to the camera roll after they have been recorded.

There's a built-in player which allows you to review locally recorded clips so previous shots can be viewed for continuity. A disk space indicator lets you know how much hard drive space is left on your device so you can plan your export cycles easily. File management is made easy, too. You can specify scene names and Movie Camera will increment the take number on each clip until a new scene name is entered. Scene and take numbers are stored in each file's metadata.

Video isn't where Movie Camera's features end - There is an audio meter which indicates the level of audio coming from the built-in mic or from the microphone input. The meter measures db from -60db to 0db on a linear scale. The green section of the meter is the -60db to -20db range, yellow indicates -20db to -10db and red indicates -10db to 0db. The red "peak" indicator illuminates when the limit of the audio encoder is reached.

I welcome all feedback users may have about Movie Camera.

Support for 1080p on the iPhone 4S
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