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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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We have listened to your feedback and added a new feature! Now you can record your own words and add them instantly to your app. You also have the option to sending us the recording to be included into the next update for all users!
With SayMedicine, there is NO subscription fee. You simply make a one time purchase and receive free updates for life! We are working hard to bring you regular updates. Version 2.0 includes many of the words our users requested.
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SayMedicine Medical Pronunciations was designed to provide health care students, professionals, other individuals interested in learning to speak the language of medicine. Many of the words used in medicine are complex and are often mispronounced. Our goal in creating this app is to provide you with a powerful reference tool that you can carry with you anywhere you go.
Features Include:
- Professional audio pronunciations
- Built in web-browser for research
- New Feature: Record and add your own words!
- Feedback and reporting system for adding new terms
- Enhanced search that updates while you type
- Bookmarks for user’s study list
- Over 8000 commonly used medical terms!
- Regular updates

3000+ Drug Names:

Mastering difficult drug names will increase your confidence when communicating with patients and colleagues.

Over 5000 Medical Terms:

We have included many commonly used terms in Pathology, Anatomy, and Diagnostics. More words added regularly!

Research online:

We have built in the ability to easily research the medical term on WikiPedia, eMedicine, and Google. Simply clicking on the word will allow you browse for more information.

Add your own words!

We have added a new feature that allows you to record your own words! These words can be easily accessed by clicking the "My Words" button on the bottom!

Autofill Search

Simply start entering a word into the search bar and the app will search as you type! This will save you time while referencing words with difficult spelling


You have the option to bookmark anyword for quick reference. Once you have simply mastered the word, simply use the swipe gesture to delete it from bookmarks.

Frequent Updates!

We are constantly working to provide you with new recordings! Your one time purchase provides you access to all future updates!

Visit our website to view a demo of the application and to hear sample words:

Please feel free to contact us via email at anytime!

- Added over 4000 new words
- "My Words" feature allows users to record their own pronunciations
- Simplified the reporting process
- Removed the category view
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更新日時:2022年7月2日 05時34分




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