LuxFolio Stereoscopic Portfolio

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開発者The Foundry Group LLC
リリース日2010-12-20 13:56:59
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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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LuxFolio turns your iPad into a customized portfolio for presenting stereoscopic (and standard) imagery.

Great app! ★★★★★
by Compguy2012 - Version 2.0.0 - Jul 26, 2012

This is an outstanding app. I have a laptop with a 3D processor, a Fuji 3D camera, a 3D television, an iPad 3 and the latest Apple TV. The MPO files from the camera are handed to the app as-is - no conversion or manipulation necessary. The biggest surprise is the ability of the app to display the 3D MPO files on the Apple TV and the 3D TV recognizing the Apple TV as a 3D player. With minor alignment adjustments made with LuxFolio's alignment tools, the 3D on the television looks just as good as viewing them using other devises that I've spent a lot more money for. It's amazing to be able to view MPO 3D photos wirelessly on the TV using our standard passive 3D glasses without any effort at all. I am very impressed and highly recommend this app. Good job to the developer. Be sure and read the "user manual" because it offers good explanation.

Organize your pictures into slideshows and present them directly on the iPad or on a connected monitor or video projector. For your stereoscopic images (or pairs), LuxFolio produces a standard side-by-side or top-and-bottom video signal that most 3D televisions and video glasses can display in 3D stereo.

When you launch LuxFolio, the app displays your own custom cover page which you can swipe away with a flick. If your clients, friends or family think you've had a custom app developed for your portfolio, don't worry. We're not telling. And with separate covers for portrait and landscape mode, you can even have two 'custom apps'.

If you don't have a 3D television or video glasses handy, LuxFolio will generate state of the art anaglyph pictures from your stereo images, so you can enjoy your 3D images with a simple pair of red-blue glasses (sold separately!). You can save your anaglyph stereo pictures to your iPad Photo Album, Dropbox, or access them via iTunes File Sharing. If you happen to have one of those cool new digital cameras with that shoots stereo pictures then saves them in the somewhat obscure .MPO (JPEG Stereo) format, LuxFolio can import those as stereo pairs, and even split them apart into left and right images in good old jpeg format. Just add the images to the app using iTunes File Sharing or put them in your Dropbox, and retrieve them the same way.

To get you started, LuxFolio includes a gorgeous collection of stereo pairs produced by talented 3D artists.

Create, organize, and present slideshows of stereo pairs or regular photos on iPad and external video monitors or projectors

Adjust slide duration, manual forward backwards and pause controls

View stereo pairs on a stereo monitor or stereo video glasses like the Zeiss Cinemizer or Vuzix Wrap series

View Stereo pairs as mono, side by side, top and bottom,, anaglyph (red-blue) stereo, or in 'wobble' mode

4 standard anaglyph processing modes: Grayscale, Half-color, Optimized and Dubois

2 Deghosted anaglyph processng modes

Horizontal Image Translation (HIT) processing lets you adjust stereo depth of anaglyphs

Add slides from iPad photo album, Dropbox, or directly using standard iTunes file sharing

Optional title and caption display for each slide

Full screen iPad viewing; zoom and pan using standard iPad gestures

Import MPO stereoscopic images, side-by-side stereo images, or pairs of images

Save stereo images as anaglyph, split single file stereo images into pairs

Choose external video display resolution from all available modes

Precision overscan control and stereo alignment grid for perfect results on 3DTVs.

Collapse slideshows to hide contents for easy portfolio navigation

Optional, customizable cover page: launch the app with your own personalized opening 'splash screen' page

Built-in documentation

Pre-loaded with 18 high-quality stereo pairs to enjoy and impress

Fix bug deleting slides
Export side-by-side images with half width only when 'Stretch Images' is on.

New in v2.0:
- Added support for amazing new Retina dislpay
- Added deghosted anaglyph modes
- HIT adjust in anaglyph, change apparent screen depth interactively
- Import MPOs directly from your Dropbox
- Save anaglyph to dropbox
- Save pairs or mono frames to Photo Album or Dropbox

New Pictures!

- Cosmetic improvements
- Swipe for slide advance
- Fix brief view of left frame on anaglyph slideshows
- Minor bug fixes

Better 3DTV/HDMI support:
- Precision overscan control for external display
- Stereo alignment grid
- Top-And-Bottom mode
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