Invoice Sender Pro

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開発者Paul Abraham Jaimovich
リリース日2010-10-18 19:26:07
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Finally, after much demand, the perfect tool for your business.

✓ Using this app you will be able to send state-of-the-art invoices via e-mail to your clients. You can create invoices for products AND services.

Lets face it, you are now most probably running a great part of your business via your iPhone. Be it that you are constantly sending emails, checking stocks or looking for information online; the iPhone has for sure become an essential part of your everyday business transactions by now! That is why we have developed this very easy to use invoice making application. Unlike similar applications, this is the most complete and professional of them all. Some of the main features are:

✓ You can personalize your invoice with your OWN LOGO.

✓ Company and inventory information can be saved and easily used for every invoice. Why go through the hassle of entering all the information every time you need to give an invoice? This application gives you the option to save your company’s information; including logo which you can upload, to use in every invoice. Please see the image previews so you can see all the data that can be entered into the invoices.

✓ Furthermore, as you set up the application you can save information about your items such as SKU, description and price, So you don’t need to enter it every time that you generate an invoice.

✓ Application will take care of all math operations involved in the transaction.

✓ With this application you can select from a scroll down (picker) menu the item from your inventory you want to add to the invoice.

✓ This application will save you a lot of time when ever you need to generate an invoice. Application will calculate TAX and shipping costs according to your needs. You will be able to keep all copies of the invoices in your sent email folder. You can also keep "images" of your invoices, they will be saved in your iPhone Photo Applications.

If you need assistance please contact us
We will be adding additional apps soon!

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