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互換性iOS 4.1以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Do you ever glance at the speedometer and realize that you are driving over the speed limit?
Do you ever wonder what your average speed was in an “average speed check” area.
Do you ever wonder what your average speed was after a quick stop at a petrol station?

Worry no more!

SpeedCheck helps you avoid speeding fines.

All you need is your iPhone and the SpeedCheck app.
It even works on iPod touches, but you need an external GPS receiver (I personally use the TomTom car cradle for iPod touch).

And this is how it works:

The usual working screen is shown on pic1.
For more explanation see pic2.
On the top:

“GPS accuracy” shows whether the accuracy is good enough. It is shown as a green blob if yes or a red cross if not.

“Speed limit” is the name of the selected speed limit. it can be chosen manually by touching the <Speedlimit Up> and <Speedlimit Down> buttons (see bellow) or automagically when the “Auto Speedlimit” function is invoked.

“Current speed” is the last measured speed. Please note that the GPS data is updated only about once every second (this is a property of the GPS receiver hardware), so it is not as direct as the car’s built in speedometer.
If the GPS accuracy is not good enough the “Current speed” is put in brackets to indicate that there is no current update to the GPS data.

“Speed measurement unit” is the unit the speed and average speed is displayed in.

On the bottom:

The <i> button switches to “Settings”.

“Auto Speedlimit” is the indicator for the speed-dependent speed limit calculation.

The “Slow down indicator” is displayed as a red arrow pointing down when the current speed exceeds the top limit set for the given speed limit.
If the current speed is bellow the set bottom limit, a green arrow pointing up will remind you to speed up if it is safe to do so. If the speed is just right nothing is displayed.

The “Average speed” indicator shows the average speed since the last reset of the average.


The screen is divided into 5 touch sensitive areas.
Touching them gives you different actions (pic3).

<Speedlimit Down> and <Speedlimit Up> change the current speed limit.

<Auto Speedlimit> toggles the automated speed limit selection.
When this function is on it displays “Auto” on the screen, and the app tries to guess the current speed limit from your current speed. If the speed falls bellow the speed set for the current speed limit and stays bellow it for more than a set time, then the speed limit will change automagically to a lower value.
Similarly if the speed is above a set value for more than a set time, the speed limit will change up.
You can set the speeds or disable changing from/to speed limits entirely in settings for each of the speed limits individually. If a speed limit is disabled, you can only change to it manually, automation will ignore it. For disabled speed limits “(Auto)” is displayed when the automated speed limit selection is activated, and the speed limit will not change automatically.

<Reset Average> restarts the average speed calculation. The average speed is calculated by dividing the distance travelled by the time elapsed. The average speed calculation is continued even when the SpeedCheck app is not running (but obviously no movement is registered).
This means that you can exit the SpeedCheck app when you stop at the petrol station, and restart it when you move off again, and your rest time will lower your average speed (the same way as it would be for the speed cameras measuring you :-) ).
Note that the <Reset Average> button has no effect when the average speed is hidden.

<i> brings you to the settings (pic4).

So this is it in short, enjoy using SpeedCheck and keep to the speed limits :-)

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