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開発者Pick Up And Play
リリース日2010-12-02 12:07:06
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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"'s a nice, classy and more intelligent alternative to Angry Birds."

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"Once I got the hang of the game, I was hooked. It’s a fun game that’s challenging enough to keep me playing for hours ... you definitely get your bang for your buck"

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"The controls take a little getting used to, but once I understood an entire world opened up to me. 84/100"

Thanks to all those who downloaded Traverse! If you enjoyed the game we really appreciate spreading the word and solid reviews.

Congrats to the player who solved Puzzle 4 in 3 shots check out the review to see how they did it!

Traverse is an innovative new puzzle game the likes of which has never been seen before. Traverse your way through 120 levels in this addicting and challenging puzzle game. Compare your scores online to see your puzzle skills vs. others.

Game features include:

* Two unique game modes
* 120 levels
* Many different power-up cells
* Cool physics
* Multi-touch offset aim control
* Review mode - Review previously beaten levels
* Compare your scores with others online
* Buy solutions for levels in game
* Play your own music while in game
* OpenFeint and GameCenter compatible

How To Play:

The goal of Traverse is to consume the power nodes in each level. You do this by controlling the path your energy disc. When your disc hits a node, the node is consumed.

The disc is controlled by the launcher ring. When the disc is released, it will follow the path you set and then return magnetically back to the ring. There are a limited number of shots in each level so you have to plan your strategy to consume all the nodes.

The path the disc travels is controlled by setting the location of two targets. The disc target and the ring target. Once these locations are set, you release the disc and depending upon where you set your targets, the path of the disc could be straight, or very curved.

A number of other game power-ups affect the path of the disc. There are 9 types of power-up cells which are path altering, exploding, multi-disc spawning and more. You will need to master the use of the power-ups to complete all the puzzles.

Stuck on a puzzle? Got and issue? Found a bug or have suggestions? Please let us know! We can’t respond to reviews, but we read and respond to all emails we get. If you have a problem or a great idea we want to know about it and solve it or add it to our game.


Visit our forums for more information:

Watch the video:

Added individual level statistics and high scores.
Added in game solution purchase and review.
Updated graphics.
Added automatic save progress during game.
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