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Ah France, how we love beautiful France. Can’t get enough of its rich culture and history? iHeart France is the perfect iPad companion for French passion. Whether you have roots to France or simply want to learn about it, the iHeart France will enrich your senses and mind. Designed for the iPad, the iHeart France will take you on a journey, showing you all things French, such as its national anthem, famous people, and contributions in art, science, literature, and music to the world. Best of all, you add to it with your own multimedia content, the things you love most about France, be it Monet or Jules Verne. Create your own items with images, audio, video and text, and email any or all of them to share. Showcase your own perfect vision of a French cultural app to your family and friends in the sleekest, most elegant way befitting the iPad.

The iHeart France is designed to be fun, beautiful, and educational. Its rich content will enlighten us about the different and wonderful aspects of France. However, it doesn’t simply satisfy your French craving for a day, it’s meant to help you and your loved ones develop a personal collection of learnings for all things French. It’s for you who are missing France, want your children to learn about their heritage in an engaging manner, enjoy sharing your culture with friends, or simply desire to learn more about France. This app will empower you do all of that in a entertaining and inspiring way.

Features and Benefits:
* 8 categories covering different aspects of France’s history and culture
* amazing and customizable montage showcases France in style
* national anthem: music, lyrics, translated lyrics, and video
* tell the stories of France in your own voices with images, voices, and text that enlightens your children
* email function sends complete entries with multimedia files
* create and customize categories for organizing to your preference
* customizable image backgrounds for any screen
* playback any content individually or in sequence
* switch between portrait and landscape modes to suit your mood
* no microphone necessary for audio recording your own voice notes
* backup all your created content via iTunes and never worry about losing it (and share the entire library)
* engaging and fun way to learn about France and teaching others
* don’t speak the language? 50 professionally recorded phrases to get you started. Create or download more online to learn on your own path. Or, ask grandparents and friends to help
* document your travels, your ancestors, your family tree, everything. Backing up is as simple as a connection via iTunes. This is the app you want to come back to again and again

iHeart France is the perfect starter kit for French cultural learning and sharing. As you can see, the application is easy to use for all users, while the rich feature set enables you to add and organize your own nuggets of cultural learnings. The iHeart France is simply the best iPad app for celebrating, learning, and sharing everything wonderful about France. Discover it for yourself.

To encourage you to come up with your own best factoids, email us your best ideas straight from the app to iHeartFrance@1to1class.com and we’ll bundle our favorites into future updates with credits to you.

NOTE: Please, contact us first if you have any issues with this app. We will respond to your email immediately!!! This app never attempts to cover the vast aspects of France. It is designed to help you explore and create. Enjoy it.

1. iOS 7 Support
2. New Feature: Capture memory with your iPad Camera
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