European Ball Screen Offense - with Lason Perkins: Basketball

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Incredible!!!- The best selling European Ball Screen Offense DVD that details the famous and unique Euroleague and International Man To Man Continuity action is now on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!!

This powerful offense uses Pick & Roll actions at multiple spots on the floor, taking full advantage of of the most difficult basketball action to defend. Add in Hi-Low looks, Dribble Hand Offs, Screen Slips and Rejections, and Backdoor cuts and you have a continuity scheme that is used at every level of International basketball, including the Olympic Games, and the FIBA World Championships.

In addition to teaching the basic continuity action and options, over 60 scoring actions are detailed through concise white board drawings and player demonstrations.

This app is endorsed by top coaches and will help any coach looking to super-charge his or her offense with the unique actions, sets, and schemes that have dominated International basketball play for the past 10 years.

Coach Lason Perkins is a renowned basketball coach, clinic speaker, and writer that is recognized globally as one of basketball’s greatest minds. having coached at every level of the game, Coach Perkins is renowned for his creative schemes and grasp of X’s and O’s, which have him in constant contact with coaches from around the world looking to utilize his insight and teachings.
Every great basketball coach is constantly learning new and innovative ideas that make his or her team hard to guard and scout - and this unique basketball instructional app provides you with everything you need to know to implement this potent European and International action.

This innovative app offers an incredibly detailed and insightful look into one of the most potent and popular offensive schemes in the game today.

Chapters Include:

* Basics Of The Offense
* Adjustments
* Special Actions
* Entries
* Inbounds Plays
* Additional Continuity Actions
* Drills
* Beating Common Pick & Roll Defenses

plus much more at your fingertips… 24/7/365.....

Every action, scheme, and play is taught with step-by-step insight that insures optimal knowledge transfer, understanding, and clarity
This is world-class, multiple-camera video footage and instructional graphics, edited and designed to maximize successful learning.
You have complete navigational control of the footage: you can play in slo-mo, rewind, fast-forward, skip ahead, skip backwards; anything you can do with a DVD, you can do with this app.

· 12 Chapters of crucial information indexed for speedy access
· Concise demonstrations
· Detailed explanations
· Coaching tips and ideas
· Slow motion footage
· Multiple camera angles
· Instructional graphics

Now is time for you to take the next step towards getting a step up on basketball supremacy: DOWNLOAD NOW...

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