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This free app presents a virtual tour of 50 Years at Pace, a multi-venue exhibition presented by The Pace Gallery from September 17-October 23, 2010, in New York City.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Pace presents a retrospective of the gallery’s history highlighting the many artists, exhibitions, people, literature, and ideals that have influenced its narrative over the past five decades. 50 Years at Pace brings together some of the key masterpieces that have passed through Pace’s doors, with works spanning more than a century and a selection of rare archival materials. Each gallery presents a different aspect of Pace’s history. Use the app to explore each venue: browse the checklist, view selected images, watch reflections by artists and art historians, and tour NYC public works by artists in the exhibition using our interactive map.

Each venue will explore a different aspect of Pace’s history: mini-reprises of groundbreaking thematic and historical exhibitions will be on view at 57th Street; the gallery’s enduring relationship with Pop art and Abstract Expressionism will be highlighted at 25th Street; contributions to Minimalist Art and the Post-Modernist movement will be featured at 22nd Street; and Pace’s commitment to contemporary art in the 21st century will be showcased at the gallery’s new location on 510 West 25th Street.

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