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開発者Tapbox LTD
リリース日2010-10-03 05:21:29
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Mathster is a fun, exciting and challenging maths brain training game. With challenges for all ages and skill levels become the master of equations in no time!

As featured in the App Store's "New and Noteworthy" list!

25/11/2010 #1 game in France!

Mathster generates a grid of numbers and an equation. Your challenge is to find all the pairs that make up the answer in the equation! Best of all, the equations and pairs are randomly generated and change each time, so you will never play the same game twice! Keep your eye out for power ups which will help you in your quest to become a maths master, but beware of the pesky power downs that will sabotage your result!

At the end of the game you can see how your results break down and even compare your results do you previous games! Your results will be submitted to the OpenFeint highscore boards to see how you did compared to the rest of the world!

What people have said:

"On the whole, a fun game to play anytime we want, and in the process get Math-savvy." -

"Woot! Way to start off this app. I had fun with it, surprisingly, and I think you will too." - (5/5)

"Mathster is a fun and educational app for kids and their parent gamer alike" -

"I hate math and I don't usually enjoy games in which I'm racing the clock. Mathster does the impossible by making it fun and rewarding." -KillianAD (5/5)

Features include:

* Openfeint integration
* Highscore boards
* Addition and subtraction challenges
* Achievements
* Power ups!
* Maths power!
* Gorgeous graphics
* Endless gameplay
* Retina display support
* Game analysis
* Personal improvement

This is only the first version of the app and there are loads of features planned, including:

* Multiplication and division
* iPad support
* Multiplayer mode
* More power ups and achievements!

Any bugs, suggestions or comments should go to


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