SnoreSleep Inspector

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開発者GRsoft Labs
リリース日2010-10-05 08:24:47
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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Is snoring a regular problem for you? Do you know actually how high your snore can be? Did you know that you talk while sleeping? Has your Snoring disrupted your personal relationships?

Snore Sleep Inspector is an app especially designed for the people with snoring problem. Our App has got some very exciting features that let you know the level of noise that you will be producing while others are trying to sleep. This also works as the solution to your snoring problem.

The app records the sounds that have been produced during the night but you can also use it as sound recorder. The app first calculates the ambient noise at the time of your sleep so that you know exactly how high your sounds can be during the night.

After recording the app will produce the specialized view of your snores with graphs where you can see the loudness peak level in decibels and the exact time of the peak records, your snore counts to show how many times through the recording you have either snored or were talking, your length of the recording and the list starting from the highest sounds that you have produced during the snore detect time. You can view your snores recorded via the History Views in the form of Daily Views or the Monthly Views.

The app does have the vibrate feature which notifies that you are snoring and you can may be change your sleeping style.
There are also more social stuffs as well where you can share your snore with your mates via email, Facebook or even Web Share to the Snore Sleep Inspector Website (

Nice features
- Remains recording while device is in sleep mode
- Enhanced graph view
- Graph showing time and dB (decibel)
- Share your audio with social media
- Email sharing graph and audio clip
- Disk limit check
- Schedule recordings
- View recording history
- Calibration – auto detect room noise levels
- File sharing iPhone to Computer from iTunes

iOS 5 ready
Fixed crashes
Bug fixes. Added file sharing functionality. (User can share files through iTunes to their PC.)
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更新日時:2024年7月17日 04時41分




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