Spooky Playtime

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★★ New! 2 new activities and a downloadable coloring book! ★★
★ “Playful with just the right amount of spooky for preschoolers” – TheiPhoneMom.com ★
★ Featured as NEW & NOTEWORTHY in both educational and kids games, October 2010. ★

It’s Spooky Playtime! Celebrate the fun and excitement of the Halloween season with your preschooler! Spooky Playtime is an extremely entertaining and educational game for young children aged 2-6 years. Perfect for parents who want to share the excitement of Halloween with their children, while also reinforcing age-appropriate learning activities.

Your child will be asked to help our spooky (but certainly not scary) friends through the following 7 fun-filled activities designed to keep them engaged and entertained, and also offer them practice with fine motor skills, counting, letters, puzzles, color and shape recognition, matching and memory.

★ Junk Food Zombies
Your child will learn the benefits of GOOD NUTRITION and practice HAND-EYE COORDINATION by helping our junk food zombies improve their eating habits.

★ Bat Cave
SOUND RECOGNITION and CREATIVITY are encouraged in the bat cave, where our chorus of bats needs your child’s help to make a spooky tune.

★ Haunted House
Your child can practice MEMORY and MATCHING skills while finding and matching the spooky friends (including ghosts, frankensteins, black cats, and witches) who are hiding in our haunted house.

★ Pumpkin Patch
COUNTING is reinforced in the pumkin patch, where our silly black kitties are playing hide and seek.

★ Spooky Forest
Help our trick-or-treaters find the type of candy they like in the spooky forest. Your child will be asked to recognize COLORS and SHAPES as they search the forest for halloween candy.

★ Billy Bones
Your child can practice FINE MOTOR SKILLS and SHAPE RECOGNITION while putting Billy Bones, our clumsy skeleton, back together again.

★ Sylvia’s Spider Web
Sylvia Spider is planning a Halloween dance party for her friends. Your child will be asked to follow NUMBERS and LETTERS to help Sylvia finish her web. Then join Sylvia for her party!

★ Bonus Activities!

GAME SELECTION – Our activity selection screen also reinforces MOTOR SKILLS, asking your child to guide one of our spooky friends along a path to choose a game.

REWARDS – After completing a series of activities, your child gets to pick a trick-or-treater and dress them in a costume of his or her choice!

COLORING BOOK – Extend the spooky fun by downloading and printing our new coloring book for your children to enjoy offline.

All of us at Bombing Brain Interactive are extremely proud of this game. We have put a lot of love into it, including having our own children participate in the making of the game. Everything in the game including the sights, sounds, and music were contributed by our families. We are excited to bring this game to your family just in time for Halloween, and we sincerely hope that you enjoy playing it with your children.

If you have any trouble with the game or wish to offer suggestions for improvement, please let us know at:


Please note: Spooky Playtime is compatible with iPad, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, and iPod Touch 3rd Generation and above running iOS 3.2 or 4.×. Older iOS models including iPhone 3G and older iPod Touches are not supported.

JUNK FOOD ZOMBIES! Children can learn the benefits of good nutrition while practicing hand eye coordination with this yummy activity. The zombies are in need of your children’s help, as they have eaten too much junk food. Feed them good foods like fruit and vegetables, and they will return to their healthy kid selves. Give them more pizza and fries, and they will fall over with indigestion.

BAT CHORUS. Your children will learn sound recognition and practice color identification with this fun activity. Tap the bats to wake them up from their sleepy nooks, and then help them sing along to the Spooky Playtime music.

FREE COLORING BOOK Download an electronic version of our free Spooky Playtime coloring book, perfect for hours of coloring fun. Print as many copies as you wish. Share with friends. Use for school activities.
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