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リリース日2010-11-01 16:00:00
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星1.5 (3人)
互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Ars Technica is the preferred choice of the modern IT professional and technology enthusiast. Access the latest technology news and information on the go from your iPad.

A passionate community of more than 5 million online readers trusts Ars Technica as the definitive source for accurate, credible, and in-depth insight on the following topics:

• IT enterprise
• Apple coverage (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iOS)
• Gadget news and reviews
• Video games and systems
• All things Microsoft
• Tech policy and legal issues
• Scientific applications

Key Features:

• Sync and read Ars Technica while offline
• Latest breaking tech news
• In-depth product guides and reviews
• Designed exclusively for the iPad
• Seamless navigation
• Bold, bright images

Free preview:

• Anyone can access the full Ars Premier experience, even if you don't have an Ars Premier account.
• Simply choose to use a trial account and get full access with brief intermissions by our advertising partner.

Update (Nov 5th, 2010): If you're having issues with choppy performance, try re-launching the application. Many users have told us this fixes the issue, we're investigating how we can minimize this behavior ourselves.

We've gone back to the drawing board and tried to focus on what our readers have told us they want in an Ars Technica iPad app:

0. A homepage interface
1. Native scrolling
2. Landscape reading

We've sought to bring these features to this 2.0 version of the Application while stripping out any kind of extraneous features.

Home Page

Now instead of being shown the most recent article since your last load, you will begin at a home screen listing of articles in reverse-chronological order. When you reach the bottom of this list, you can load in more entries.

Native Scrolling

Instead of using a synthetic scrolling layer, we've re-architected our application from the ground up to use a simple, single toolbar at the top of the device.

When you need the toolbar, simply tap almost anywhere and it'll appear, allowing you to navigate back to the homepage, login to your Ars Technica account, adjust font sizes, and so forth.

When you don't need the toolbar (e.g. when you're reading an article or browsing the home screen), it will simply disappear and leave you distraction-free.

Landscape Viewing

This is another big feature our readers asked for. There's nothing fancy to this one, it just works. Now you can enjoy all your favorite Ars articles in widescreen format.
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