Love, Sex, Kiss and Future Calculator

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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Secretly admiring someone…or two, or more? Can’t decide who will be the right person for you? Are you curious who you are compatible with in: love, sex, and kissing? The Love, Sex, Kiss and Future Calculator could be all you need if you seek advice on intimacy. So let it be a guide on your quest for love.

The Love, Sex, Kiss and Future Calculator is a 4 in 1 calculator having two main parts: the Love, Sex and Kiss Calculator (LSKC) and the Prediction Calculator (PC).

The LSKC will calculate for you the probability of love, sex and kissing of any couple by using the alphabets in both names. The results will be displayed in a percentage format and the colour intensity of the “love, sex and kiss symbol” will adjust accordingly to the level of the percentage score. LSKC can be run separately or along with the PC.

The PC provides four squares which enables you to enter in each square: three of your secret crush, three of your preferred country/place to live in, three of your preferred cars to own, and three of your preferred number of children to have. Based on the order of your entered information and in addition with your lucky number, the PC will calculate (in real time showing all working out and no hidden secrets) and predict: your likely future companion, the country/place of your future residence, your future car, and the number of children you will have together. You can find out your chances of love, sex and kissing with the predicted person by simply tapping on the ‘Calculator’ button. This will automatically direct you to the LSKC screen with the predicted name already filled in for you.

All calculators are capable of emailing the results to friends and family. You can capture any screens within the application by pressing the “Home” and “Power” button at the same time (thanks to Apple) and attach it on your email and send it to friends and family.

The Love, Sex, Kiss and Future Calculator will resolve the mystery of your love life. This application can be used on yourself, friends and family, or just for fun!


Love, Sex, Kiss and Future Calculator is a guide/quote only and you should not rely your love, sex and kissing compatibility and future upon it. The formulae used within the calculators may change at any time without notice.

Device Compatibility:

•iPad (HD resolution)
•iPod Touch

iOS 5 compatibility and minor bug fixes
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更新日時:2022年1月19日 02時06分




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