Squeebles Multiplication for iPad (Times Tables 1)

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PLEASE NOTE: As of July 2013, this app has been superseded by Squeebles Times Tables 2 - now available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It includes more times tables game modes, a brand new reward system and plenty more reporting and stats for parents and teachers.

Visit https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/squeebles-times-tables-2/id666245333?mt=8 or search for Squeebles Times Tables 2.

You can still purchase this version but we'd recommend using Squeebles Times Tables 2 instead - it includes a lot of features suggested by children and parents using this version and will be the focus of much future development. Thanks!


> Number 1 paid education app in the UK - Oct. 2012

> Featured by The Daily Telegraph, The Observer, The Guardian, BBC Radio, Fun Educational Apps, Smartappsforkids.com and many more...

"Times Tables: Squeebles for iPad" is a colourful, interactive multiplication game for primary school children or anyone who wants to brush up on their tables in a fun way.

Different game modes allow your child to be tested in a way that suits the level they're at and helps them progress at a comfortable rate.

This is what people have said about version 1.0...


- "Simple and fun to use. My children actually enjoyed doing their times tables and that's never happened before. Thanks."

- "What a brilliant game. My kids loved it"

- "Within a week [my daughter] has learnt her 3's, 4's, 9's and 11's. I'm impressed!"


...and now we've updated it to include a whole host of new features including extra game modes, medals, trophies, themes, multiple accounts on one device and "learning lists" of all the tables from 1 to 12.

- "If your kids are working on learning their times tables, this app is well worth buying - recommended!" - SmartAppsForKids.com

- "Friendly, engaging and highly educational ... All the components to be part of Fun Educational Apps - TOP PICKS!" - Funeducationalapps.com

Help Whizz rescue the other Squeebles from the nasty Maths Monster by answering times tables questions across 4 game modes.

The more times tables questions your child answers correctly, the more stars they win and the more of Whizz's friends they rescue from the Maths Monster. There are 24 Squeebles to rescue, each with their own personality. Save them all to complete the game.

Progress is saved, so your child can put the app down and pick it back up again whenever they want, fitting the opportunity to learn into any small amount of time available.

This app makes learning times tables fun, by combining a great storyline and fun characters with all the tables they need to learn, from the twos to the twelves.

Once your child is more confident with their tables, the "Mix it up" mode tests them randomly on all their tables and the "Reversed" mode gets them to fill in the gaps in the questions - an excellent way of consolidating their understanding of the multiplication process.

A "Tricky Tables" mode tests them on any questions they may have got wrong in the past.

Up to 4 children can be registered on any one iPad, meaning they can make progress at their own rate without affecting the other players.

The Squeebles make learning fun!

Updated graphics plus details of the new Squeebles Times Tables 2 app.
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