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Innovative Hosted or on-premise solution to offer guest services, advertising, and room control functions for 5 star and boutique hotels.

To access hotel codes for entering into iPGS go to

When other hotels host the iPGS application the hotel will supply the user with the site code to enter to gain access to that hotels information and services.

The TigerTMS iPGS (Personal Guest Services) software is available as a download via the Apple store and is fully integrated with major front-of-house systems including Fidelio, PAR Springer Miller and Brilliant.

We are already in discussion with a well-known 5 star hotel in London and several international chains have units under evaluation at the moment, explains Simon M. Udell, Managing Director for TigerTMS Ltd., The software is not just a gimmick as it allows hotels to differentiate its offering and has practical advantages such as removing the need to keep updating guest directories and to help make visitors aware of special offers, events or new services available within each hotel.

For multi-site hotel chains, the application is location aware and will re-configure itself and deliver services based on the facilities available at each hotel. These can range from simple information services such as local maps, weather and events though to traditional room services such as ordering meals, checking out and even receiving voicemail.

iPGS can be delivered as a completely managed service, with information pushed from our hosted servers directly to each device, explains Udell, This allows a hotel to quickly deploy devices and not have to worry about integration with front office applications, management of application servers or updates for the device.

Still images and full motion video advertising for both hotel services and local businesses is easily pushed to the device. For corporate events taking place at a hotel, the device can automatically upload delegate information including agendas, keynote speeches and promotional material. With the exceptional battery life of the iPAD, touchscreen and icon driven interface guests can quickly access information without any user training and built-in services such as web browsing and email are all still available. Udell adds.

The XML based software has interfaces for leading room control systems found in upscale hotels to control lights, air conditioning and pay-per-view events.

The prototype iPGS concept was showcased at the recent HITECH 2010 Hospitality Technology Show in Orlando, Florida at the end of June and is the first application designed specifically for the hotel and hospitality sector.

iPGS allows guests who already own an iPad to walk into any hotel running our service and have the application instantly provide them with general services prior to check in and enhanced services after they have checked in.

iPGS will be available through TigerTMS Partners from mid August and a demonstration of the application can be viewed by going to: http://www.tigertms.com/tiger-xml-guest-services and selecting the demo.

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