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Do you store stuff in boxes or bins? Ever known you had something stored away, but you just couldn't find it? Click "...more" to learn about how In That Box will make your storage space useful!

What is In That Box? It's an app that makes it easy to keep tabs on your storage containers -- both what's in them and where they are located. In That Box makes it simple to track where your stuff is, and find it right when you need it.

How In That Box works for you:
-Find precisely what you're looking for quickly by searching through items, containers, locations, or categories.
-Share your inventory lists by emailing or printing.*
-Print labels for your containers with titles and QR codes.*
-Instantly know what's in a container by just pointing your camera at the label.**
-Organize your storage exactly how you like it using flexible categories.
-Easily identify items by photograph while browsing your inventory.
-Keep your inventory up-to-date with quick and easy editing.
-Cheap! Costs less than a notepad and a pen.

-Stop Wasting Time-
If you store stuff in containers, you've had the feeling. Maybe it was a particular sweater, or a pair of shoes. Maybe it was a rarely-used power adapter. Often it's some important old documents that you suddenly need again. You know it's in one of your boxes... but which one?!? With In That Box, just a few taps on your iPhone or iPod Touch and you'll know exactly where it is. No more frustration, no more arguments, no more wasted time.

-Label and Scan-
You don't even need to browse or search through In That Box to find out what is in a container. The labels you can print directly from In That Box include QR codes -- in effect, a kind of 2D barcode. Just tap the "Scan Label Code" button, then point the camera on your iOS device at the QR code on your container or location label and you can instantly a see a list of what's inside!

-Make the Most of Your Space-
Pop quiz - What's in that container in the back of your closet? If you're not certain, maybe you don't need it. In That Box converts your closets, basement, and/or storage units from wasted space where you put the things you don't want to think about into a useful, accessible part of your world. Maybe you only watch your DVDs occasionally, but don't want to pack them away and forget about them. Now you can have it both ways. Store it away out of sight, but whenever you need it you can still grab that one particular DVD quickly and easily. Go ahead and make the most of your space -- your stuff will always be there when you need it when you have In That Box to help you out.

-Organize However You Like-
And In That Box is flexible too. The simple but powerful category system lets you organize your stuff however you want. Track all of your important papers? No problem. Track all of the winter clothes you have stored away for the summer across multiple containers? In That Box can keep them all grouped together, even if they aren't near each other. However you want to organize your stuff, In That Box will do it.

-Make Moving Easier-
Moving is always a pain. But even after you've finished packing everything up and transporting it to your new place, you end up with boxes and boxes of stuff. Where are the towels, dishes, sheets, and blankets so you can take a shower, eat something, and get some sleep? With In That Box there's no more hunting through dozens of boxes, trying to find that particular one. You'll know exactly where the things you need are located. And you can even print out or email your inventory, so others can find things without needing your iPhone or iPod touch. Moving will always be a lot of work, but when you finally crawl into bed after a long day, you'll be glad In That Box made it less painful.

To find out more about In That Box, check out

*Printing requires an AirPrint-compatible printing set up.
**Scanning QR codes requires an iOS device with an autofocus camera (e.g., iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4).

Bug fixes for improved consistency and stability.
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