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開発者AirSplash, Inc.
リリース日2010-10-23 05:58:04
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
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Media Safe is a password protected media organizer, document safe, private browser and slideshow viewer in one exciting and highly functional product. It makes it easy to keep all your private files safe and secure from prying eyes.

Unlike other, more expensive products, media safe offers you two layers of protection. You can create a regular password and a master password. Users with the master password can see hidden (top secret folders) while others can only see the folders that you have not designated as hidden.

***Key Functionality***

- Password protected storage
- Two layers of password protection
- Hidden folders
- Private browser
- E-mail pictures to friends
- Create unlimited folders to organize your media
- Many document types supported with viewer
- Safely store other files and transfer them as if it were a USB flash drive
- Multi-touch support to zoom, go to next picture and save pictures from private browser
- USB file transfer through iTunes
- Apple VGA connector support (not many others have this)

***Media Supported***

All Apple supported picture formats are available in Media Safe. These include files with the TIFF, TIF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, BMPf, ICO, CUR and XBM extensions. All of these can be displayed through the Media Safe application and through Appleís VGA connector on a large screen. Audio formats are MP3, WAV and AIFF files. Video formats are MOV, MP4, MPV and 3GP. Some AVI files are also supported if they use an Apple supported codec.

Media Safe is truly a versatile program. In addition to the various media formats supported, it can also display files with the following extensions: PDF, KEY, NUMBERS, PAGES, XLS, XLSX, DOC, DOCX, HTM, HTML, PPT, PPTX, RTF, and TXT. When you save one of these files into Media Safe, it is displayed with an appropriate icon to show the file type. The name of the file is also displayed. If you select one of these icons, the file is opened in the viewer.

***Private Browsing***

Media Safe makes it easy for you to safely view sites that you do not want tracked. The built in browser will not save a history of your browsing, nor cookies. You can go to any site, browse the information and pictures there and then save any pictures you like directly into the Media Safe application. This is the ultimate in safety and security.

***USB Stick Functionality***

Media Safe supports many types of documents and media types. However, you can use it to safely store non-supported file types as well. Just use the iTunes Share feature and copy any ZIP, RAR or other type of file that you want to transport into Media Safe. These will be displayed with a safe icon and file name. This will let you know that they are safe and secure until you decide to move them back to a desktop computer.


The slideshows are simply awesome. You can select a folder with your favorite pictures. To start the slideshow, touch a picture and then touch the ìplayî icon. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. If you have the Apple VGA or Composite AV Cable connector, you can view these on a big screen.

***Movie Playback***

Media Safe makes it easy to travel with movies that you do not want to be discovered if your iPad is lost or stolen. Those home movies of the kids and family are safe and secure in this application. With the correct password, you can navigate to your movie folder and select the movie you want to view. There are controls for audio, zooming, fast forwarding and going backwards through your movies or video files.

***Audio Playback***

You can also store and play audio tracks with Media Safe. Any of those special songs or messages that someone has left you on voice mail, can be stored and listened to securely with the right password.

***Bottom Line***

This application does more than the others, is less expensive and is incredibly easy-to-use. Buy it and please give it a review once you have used it for a while.

Minor bug fixes
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