Empower Mobile CRM

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開発者iEnterprises, Inc.
リリース日2010-11-12 20:01:22
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Empower CRM is a fully functional and highly configurable CRM that runs on your iPhone or iPad allowing you to manage every aspect of your customer relationships directly from your iPhone or iPad even when you are outside of cellular network coverage. Empower CRM is ideal tool to make your salesforce, customer service technicians and professional services personnel more productive.
Multi- User Server Based System - When the first person in your company has downloaded and installed the application on the iPhone, an instance of Empower CRM will be automatically set up for your company on our servers. You can then add users to your company’s instance and they can begin using it VIA their desktop browser or iPhone or iPad thus allowing your company complete multi- user CRM solution.
Free Client Software – The client software is free and will continue to function if you let the server software subscription lapse. Server Software Trial - Empower CRM server software provided by iEnterprises, Inc. The Empower CRM server software is automatically provisioned and a 30- day free trial commences upon the download of the software. After the 30 day trial has expired, the server software costs $40 per user per month.
Features / Configurability – Empower CRM is a highly configurable solution that allows you to manage all critical areas of your CRM including Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Activities, Leads, Incidents and more. Data is stored locally on your iPhone thus giving you quick access to your CRM information even when you are out of cellular network coverage. Downloading and Launching the Application for the first time
When you launch the application, you will be brought through the registration and provisioning process by following the directions on the screen. Disconnected Mode – If you desire not to create a server- based instance of Empower CRM and would prefer to demo the application directly only on your iPhone, you may use the disconnected demo for this purpose. Hosted or Deployed – Empower CRM can be hosted on our servers or deployed behind your firewall. Contact iEnterprises for more information on installing Empower CRM behind your firewall.
Configuration and Training – Empower CRM is a highly configurable solution. Through a drag and drop interface, fields can be created, removed and repositioned so the application is correct for your company. Contact us so that we may assist you in providing the best possible solution for your organization.

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