Downloader Pro - Web, FTP & SFTP Download Manager

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リリース日2010-09-27 14:44:32
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2022-07-06 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Downloader & View files from Websites, FTP, SSH, Dropbox and more!

A full universal app, buy it once, use it twice! Downloader Pro features a revolutionary Download Engine that is a result of our own research and innovation and you'll only find in Downloader Pro! The app is so easy to use and functions just like a normal web browser would! Featuring:

★ Downloads

✔ Web Browser
- Browse & Download files from your favourite websites.
- Manage bookmarks
- Share links with friends
- Tabbed Browsing

✔ SFTP/FTP Client
- Browse & Download files from FTP or SSH servers.
- Store connection details for quick access

✔ Dropbox Integration
- Sync with dropbox to Download files on demand.
- Instant connection.

★ Interaction

✔ File Manager
- Manage files, folders, UNZIP them, MOVE them, PLAY them back, view them, DELETE them, SHARE them, EMAIL them!

✔ Video Player
- PLAYBACK VIDEOS on your iDevice (supported types only) and even AirPlay them to your AppleTV!

✔ Audio Player
- A full featured MP3/AAC/M4A player with automatic playlist generation and an iPod style interface! You can even control it with your headphones!

✔ Document Viewer & Printer
- View SPREADSHEETS, DOCUMENTS, INVOICES, PRESENTATIONS and even PRINT them directly form your iDevice or EMAIL them to your colleagues!

✔ File Sharing
- Switch on the built in WEB SERVER to SEND and RECEIVE files or even connect to iTunes and look for Downloader Pro!

★ Plus More Great Features

✔ Multitasking Support
- Web downloads and Audio works fully in the background, close the app and you'll even be able to control the audio player through your headphones!

✔ Safari Direct Download
- Using Safari and found a file you want? just tap it and it will download! no more "Unsupported File" messages! (works with most formats)

✔ Mail App Export
- Have an attachment in Mail that you'd like to save or extract? the "Open With" menu will list Downloader Pro directly!

✔ Other Apps
- Even loads of other apps allow you to open files in Downloader Pro

✔ Full Portrait & Landscape Mode Support & Universal

PLEASE NOTE: App's such as these should be used to download content from legal or public domain websites and servers only. Circumventing this is illegal.

For more information and more features visit or

- Improved the Web Download Manager
- Added support for SYM Links in SFTP
- Added support for ZFS file systems in SFTP
- Performance Optimisations
- Fixed several iPad UI bugs
- Fixed a renaming file bug
- Fixed a moving file bug

Thank you for your ongoing support!
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更新日時:2022年7月6日 19時17分




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