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開発者BikeWrappers, LLC
リリース日2010-12-16 16:34:24
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互換性iOS 3.1.2以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Hot diggity, you must be an active person if you are downloading this BikeWrappers Bike Light App! That means that you are SO active that you are STILL going once the sun goes down. Not only does this simple app turn your iPhone into either a blinking red or white light, but is also a calorie calculator and a music jukebox. Our app is great for all you:

•bikers and cyclists
•joggers and runners
•dog walkers
•and really anyone that does anything outside at night…

Turn on the app, throw it in a backpack pouch or armband and you just made yourself more visible to those motorists out there and you safer at night. You can even select a playlist from your current music to play while you are using the app.

A little more about the calorie calculator function. Did you know that a 160 lb person biking at 15 mph for a half hour burns 363 Calories? Or that same person burns 90 Calories when pushing a stroller for 30 minutes? Well, now you can with this app. When using the app, it will automatically set a timer to tell you how long you have been active and all you have to do is enter your weight to see how many calories you burnt doing whatever activity you just did. Or you can just manually enter your time and weight to see how many calories you could burn.

We recommend you use this as a complementary tool to regular bike lights…and our own Bikewrappers safety system, if you are biking at night.

FYI, BikeWrappers are:
•a set reflective wraps that attach to all three of the main tubes of your bicycle
•are removable and reversible(the other side is a design)
•engineered to fit around your bottle cages
•unique design made to fit almost ALL size bike frames. Skinny frame, fat frame, no problem
•visible from a quarter mile away from car headlights!
•protects your bike frame from scratches
•visible to cars from ANY angle. oncoming, from the side, AND from behind
•not sold in stores
You can find BikeWrappers at and our newest products, DogWrappers(reflective leashes and collars) at


See more details of the App at:

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