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A1 Project Planning *** Price Reduced Dec 15, 2014 Was $49.99 Now $29.99 ***

There are more than 21 iTunes apps available. For more detail information visit the developer support site. Support is always free. Request a live demonstration of this app online prior to buying the app. Most of my apps on iTunes are IOS 7 compatible. For information on IOS 8/9 redesign apps contact the developer for more information. (if you have any issues with this app contact the developer support site)

2014 is the threshold for technical advances as technology changes every day. Data management is a very important part of the future. Our apps are designed to allow you to work smarter not harder.

***In Sept 2014 the new larger size iPhone 6 is a game changer. At last you do not need to buy a separate tablet to have a larger screen. This will finally provide an iPad like experience on an iPhone. This will make all my apps more useful on this new iPhone.

The science of project planning is an industry that has evolved through the use of computers. The basic tools for project planning although available are very expensive. We're talking hundreds of thousands of dollars or more for software products that in some ways don’t meet the needs of the users.

Seeking Solutions:
Depending upon the size of the firm and the scope of the production offered a simple solution for project planning can provide many of the basic requirements. Does your firm have a project planning solution for the following?
1. The definition of individual projects with an organized process of assembling the requirements that describe the top to bottom management plan.
2. Does your firm have a project team organizational management plan, or a random assignment system?
3. Does your planning system provide a proposed budget for projects to the individual team member level and up to the senior staff on the project? The budget system that is calculating each cost element and rolling this cost up by department to the top level.
4. Do you have a vendor assignment system that has an organized approach for assigning vendor and engineering responsibilities for design specification, and a tracking element for each specification activity?
5. Does you plan include a specification system that defines each spec and the management of specification to include responsibilities, action items and related meetings both in-house and with vendors?
6. Do you have a system for managing drawings by project for both tracking and budget reviews for new proposed project? Does the plan also breakdown the drawings into top level to the lowest part in a drawing tree?
7. Can your system take each item on a drawing and provide a breakdown of vital specifications and requirements for fit form and function? Does this system identify MTBF issues, by failures, and engineering design issues?
8. (On the companion computer app.) Can you produce a drawing report that describes the end item drawing, the systems and subsystems, and components parts back up to the end item? Does this system calculate drawing items cost to a sub summary. Then summaries the full drawing package for full system costs.
9. This report allows selective changes where you can omit items to see cost changes.

If this system could fit on a Mac or PC, but also be carried on an iPad wherever you go, could you imagine the time and money this would save? The best part of this definition is that the iPad app would cost $49.99. This is a ridiculous offer for such a universal application.

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