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The only personal financial software available on App Store to Sync with Google Spreadsheets.

Are you looking for a full-featured personal financial tool that is supportive of multi-account, multi-currency, synchronizable, and convenient for data backup/restore? “MyAccounts” not only lets you get the above all, but also features flexible budget, a variety of reports, Todo, Email export, login password, among other functions to satisfy your needs!

Key features:

* Flexible support for multiple accounts. Allowing you to create individual accounts for different credit cards and multiple cash accounts, as well as providing one overall account for all your records.

* The opening balance and transfer is supported in every account, and correctly calculated for balance calculation and reports making.

* Multi-currency support.

* Can be synced up with Google Spreadsheets to maximize the security of your data. Your records will be synchronized into separate Spreadsheet files by the month, you can then use the various Google Spreadsheets features to work with and organize your records, including statistics, making reports or saving files in other formats like Excel, OpenOffice, PDF, CSV, HTML, Text etc. If you take photos of receipts or the actual items you've purchased, the photos can be synced up to Picasa Web. You can also use your Google account to synchronize your records with any of your iOS devices.

* To-do list function! Make lists of items you need to buy and get timely reminders with the To-do function.

* Back up or restore your records by connecting to iTunes via either USB or WiFi.

* Functions as a WiFi-based mini Web server, giving you web browser access via your desktop or laptop computer. So you can easily view your records and photos, and download backup files in ZIP format or export in CSV format.

* Routine records that you keep on a regular basis can be preset so that they are added automatically.

* Simple and clear interface for browsing your transactions by the month, the week, or the day.

* Fast! Easy-to-use, Wizard style user interface.

* Flexible budget settings. Allowing budgets to be set in a variety of categories and sub categories.

* The powerful report feature allows you to use either the preset reports or to customize them to suit your specific needs. You can alter the time periods, types and patterns of your reports as you browse through them.

* Add and customize your own categories and sub-categories.

* Records of any time period specified by you can be exported to your mailbox via Email, and then imported into Excel for further manipulation.

* Photos can be added to your records, and be synced to Picasa Web!

* Ensure data security by entering a login password.

GoogleDocs access bug fixed
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