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According to a recent survey, more people are afraid of speaking in public, than they are of dying. Yet we all know, how important it is to be able to stand up and deliver a good speech with confidence. Public speaking is one of those things that gets you ahead, if you can do it. It plays a vital role in most people’s success story.

Ever been nervous, anxious, or downright fearful when having to speak to a group? Did you ever decline an opportunity to give a presentation, announcement or speech, which you knew would be good for your career or advancement?

Was it because you were not sure if you would manage?
Scared to make a fool of yourself?
Butterflies in your stomach?
Wished you were able to just stand up and do it, but couldn’t find the courage?
Envied those colleagues who had the confidence and the ability? You are not alone.

But there is no need to despair. It can all be learned.

What you need is a set of simple guidelines, tricks, principles and confidence builders, which can turn you into a self-assured public speaker in just a few days.

Let’s turn that public speaking dream of yours into reality, right here, right now!

This Confident Public Speaking App, is a condensed write-up of powerful principles and easy-to-follow steps to conjuring and delivering spectacular speeches.

It will give you the crucial answers to such questions as “How do effective speakers really captivate their audience? What can I do to be as successful as they are? How can I really conquer speech fright?”

You will also get a one hour Subliminal Neuro Linguistic Programming Audio, which will help you to improve your confidence and speaking abilities.

This Subliminal Audio contains NO psychotherapy. NO hypnosis. NO meditation. NO magic spells.
Subliminal messages are positive affirmations sent directly to the subconscious mind, in order to produce powerful and exciting change - quicker than anything you've ever seen before.

After studying this App and listening to the Audio, you will be able to:

✜ Overcome your fear of public speaking.

✜ Manage speech anxiety.

✜ Prepare a powerful speech using 9 basic steps.

✜ Analyze your audience to make your topic fit their interests.

✜ Organize your speech carefully to improve understanding and recall.

✜ Enhance the quality of your speech.

✜ Organize an introduction that will relax you and your audience.

✜ Know how public speaking can advance your profession.

✜ Sound natural and enthusiastic.

✜ Use question and answer sessions to make a lasting impression.

✜ Use quality visual aids to make your speech much more powerful.

✜ Write and deliver an interesting, clear, and cogent speech quality.

✜ Know the 3 dangers to self-esteem.

✜ Build rapport with your audience quickly and easily.

✜ Think and speak instantaneously in impromptu speaking situations.

✜ Know how to answer hostile questions.

✜ Counter the strongest factors contributing to your fear.

✜ Build supreme confidence.

✜ Harness your speech anxiety and use it to your advantage.

Be desperate no more! If your career is sluggish due to public speaking hindrances, kiss your worries good bye!

Now you can become the best public speaker you could ever be.

Confident Public Speaking will turn you into a public speaking superstar in no time at all.

Would you like to be the star of the show? Then there’s no time to waste.

Download the App and start building your reputation as an excellent and confident speaker.

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