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TRVL is rethinking what it means to book travel. Traveling is driven by recommendations and word of mouth, from professionals and passionate travelers alike. Based on this belief, TRVL has created an earning model available to everyone.

In a world increasingly dominated by mobility, travelers, travel organizers and travel agents need flexibility, speed, and access to a wide range of inventory on the fly no matter where they are. For the first time, this is available all from your pocket in a convenient, lightweight, and globally available platform that is breaking the status quo and revolutionizing the travel industry.

TRVL pays out the money you’ve earned directly to your bank account in 34 currencies with no fees or charges.

With TRVL, your personal travel tool, you can:

- Compare, book, and earn money on over 2 million hotels in 50,000+ destinations
- Commission is payable on the full inventory of, Expedia, Agoda, & Priceline
- Over 25 million verified hotel reviews from real guests powered by
- Hotel ratings provided by TripAdvisor and
- Commission paid out to you between 14-30 days after each completed stay
- Track your earnings and process payouts directly from the app
- TRVL is 100% free with no contracts or commitments
- Get access to amazing travel stories with our stories feature

Our hotel booking features are currently only available on iPhone. iPad users can still access TRVL's library of over 5000 travel stories and photographs from the worlds best writers and photographers. Full iPad hotel booking app coming soon!

Hear what the industry is saying about TRVL:

Tech Crunch
“If TRVL has its way, it’s the travel agencies’ turn to tremble”

“TRVL is shaking up the online travel industry”

The Next Web
“TRVL is the best travel platform you’re not using (yet)”

TRVL is useful in different situations:

- When you need to book a hotel for yourself, you can use the commission you earn as a discount off retail prices and get the best hotel deals
- If you are the organizer of a trip away with your friends or family, you can act as the group’s travel agent and share the commission with everyone or spend it together on your trip.
- If you’re a passionate traveler, you can set yourself up as an amateur travel agent to earn extra money from your memorable experiences and amazing trip booking skills.
- As a professional in the travel industry, you can use the TRVL app as the ultimate mobile Swiss Army Knife. Book and earn commissions wherever you are right from your pocket.

5 reasons to download TRVL:

1 - Commission
Get paid a commission of up to 10% on each hotel booking that you make. You’ll pay the exact same low prices featured on our partners’ websites but with the added bonus of earning a commission on your booking. Get travel agent perks without being one.

2 - Comparison of the world’s biggest travel brands
To find you the best hotel deal, you can compare prices and rooms across 2 million properties from the 5 best online consumer travel brands –, Expedia,, Agoda, & Priceline.

3 - Specially discounted rates
Members who book with TRVL get special Insider status, which gives them access to rates normally off-limits to normal travelers. Once you make your way into the Insider club, we offer closed user group deals and discounts of up to 65% off across 50,000 hotels worldwide.

4 - Fast. Secure. No fees.
Your commissions are paid within 30 days after checkout to your bank account in your preferred currency by our global payment provider, Transferwise. We’ve taken care of bank transfer fees.

5 - Get inspired
Read our stories section for a daily dose of travel inspiration.

New York Times
"To read a TRVL article is to be transported to that destination, with excellent photography and evocative storytelling."

We work with the best and most trusted hotel & review providers:

Minor bug fixes and new features. “TRVL is the best travel booking platform you’re not using (yet)” Bryan Clark of TNW wrote. Find the best prices of the internet and earn a commission on over 2 million hotels. TRVL’s game-changing booking platform is now at the core of our app.

TRVL’s history;

2010 - Launch of first exclusive iPad magazine in the world
2012 - 2 million app installs, 5 star rating
2012 - Featured in Apple keynote
2012 - “Best Mobile App” award at The Next Web Conference
2013 - Launch of TRVL's proprietary publishing platform PRSS
2014 - PRSS was acquired by Apple to help build Apple News
2015 - Launch of Apple News
2016 - Launch of TRVL's hotel booking platform
2017 - Users in 120 countries across 5 continents
2018 - Integrating hotel booking platform in TRVL app.

* Hotel booking features are currently only available to iPhone users. iPad users can still find our travel stories in the menu under “Stories”. Full iPad hotel booking app coming soon!
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