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開発者Xkape Enterprises
リリース日2010-09-17 09:54:27
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互換性iOS 6.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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~* MasterCode is a version of the classic game MasterMind *~

* Made #1 Puzzle game in France and Italy *
* Made Top 10 puzzle game in 10 Countries *
* 150,000 Downloads. Thank you everyone for your tremendous support! *

You have ten opportunities to try and duplicate the colour and exact position of the hidden Code Pegs without ever seeing them.

See if you can solve the MasterCode!

Universal application for iPad and iPhone / iPod touch.


* Uses the classic game board configuration: 10 rows, 4 pegs in each row, 6 colours to choose from

* Option to allow missing pegs and duplicate pegs

* Game statistics recorded

* Three peg visual styles to choose from

* All new High Definition graphics

* Make the game harder to solve by allowing more than one color in the answer or even allow missing pegs!

*** Refer to the game rules in the game anytime by clicking on the info button at the top ***


Each game consists of four of six possible coloured pegs randomly placed in the answer row. You try and duplicate the exact colours and positions of the code hidden in the answer row.

When you have dragged four pegs from the Peg Bin on the left hand side to the current row, click the 'Guess' button to register your selection and see how you did. Each time you make a guess, the computer will place black and white Key Pegs in the Key Peg holes alongside the Code Pegs.

Black Key Pegs will be placed by the computer when one of the Code Pegs is the same colour and in in the exact same position as one of the Code Pegs in the answer row.

White Key Pegs will be placed by the computer when one of the Code Pegs is the same colour but not in position as one of the Code Pegs in the answer row.

Example: If one red Code Peg is in the answer row and you place a red Code Peg in the wrong position, ONE white Key Peg is used.

If you guess all four colours in the exact positions of the Code Pegs in the answer row, you will receive four black Key pegs and the game is over. If you try all ten rows to guess the answer and you do not match the Code Pegs in the answer row, the game is over.

Updated for iOS9
Added game sounds
All new hi resolution graphics
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