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Video Tutorial for OsiriX PRO the Class II medical device (FDA-cleared and CE-labeled) medical imaging postprocessing application.

With this App by aycan you can see videos with dubbing in English Language that train the aycan workstation OsiriX PRO software. The 35 videos are separated into 7 chapters, from the initial preferences configuration over basic and advanced image viewing and manipulation to anonymizing and exporting. Both beginners and advanced users can learn from several workflows of handling, viewing and manipulating medical image data.

Seven videos are instantly available, 28 videos can be purchased through In App Purchase.

Most of the content is also valid for the Free Open Source Version OsiriX.

This video content shall only be used by medical doctors. It does not replace the manual and/or the safety instructions. Please read the OsiriX PRO manual and the safety instructions before you use the software.

Chapter 1 Initial Preferences Configuration
* Software Preferences
* Hardware-Mouse

Chapter 2 Importing DICOM Images
* From CD or DVD
* From Location on Workstation

Chapter 3 Worklist & Patient Database Options
* General Navigation
* Albums or Filtered Worklists

Chapter 4 Basic Image Manipulation & Viewing
* Loading Studies
* Accessing Image Tools
* Adding Tool Icons to Upper Toolbar
* Window Level Functionality
* Animate or Scroll Functionality
* Window Level Preset Functionality
* Zoom & Move/Pan Functionality
* ROI Functionality
* Image Rotation Functionality
* Full Screen Display Functionality
* Image Formats & Cross Reference Lines
* Loading Series from Multiple Studies

Chapter 5 Advanced Imaging Functionality
* MIP 2D & 3D
* 2D MPR
* 2D Orthogonal MPR & 3D MPR
* 2D Curved MPR
* 3D Volume Rendering (VR)
* 4D
* Create QuickTime Movie
* 4D & 2D MPR
* PET/CT Fusion
* MR Fusion

Chapter 6 Change/Anonymize Exam Data
* Introduction
* Data Change Process

Chapter 7 Exporting from OsiriX
* Image as JPEG
* Reconstructed Series as a DICOM Series
* Images to Facility PACS
* Study via CD or DVD
* QuickTime Movie

Removed In-App Purchase of all chapters, because it didn't work.
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