Fundraising Basics - How To Get All The Money You Need For Your Non-Profit

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Discover how easily you can run a successful fundraiser for your organization!

This guide contains every dynamite tip and trick. Every must know piece of information. Every timesaving method. And as many possible obstacles you might encounter as possible.

Here is just SOME of the information you will find inside:

★ 4 things you must know before you try and raise one dime.

★ 4 groups that are likely to support your efforts financially.

★ 6 proactive places to start seeking out donors.

★ The secret to contacting fewer potential donors for greater results.

★ How to prepare for "Fatigue Syndrome."

★ 15 questions to ask yourself when profiling potential donors.

★ 6 common-sense but overlooked ways to find untapped pools of donors.

★ 7 reasons why people give to non-profits. Hint: Learn to use these to your advantage.

★ 8 imperative details that separates a great fundraiser from a bad one.

★ 8 questions to ask yourself about your goals before picking a fundraiser.

★ 70 fundraising ideas that could be the perfect fit for your organization.

★ 14 questions that will put your fundraising idea to the test. Will it really work for you?

★ 4 reasons a solid fundraising plan will save your non-profit from disaster.

★ 10 things your fundraising plan must include. And how to put it together.

★ 6 reasons volunteers will be eager to work with you.

★ How to approach and train volunteers.

★ 12 items and documents you will need to keep organized from the get go or else you risk botching the whole fundraiser.

★ 9 ways you'll be talking to potential donors if you want your fundraiser to be a smashing success.

★ 6 inexpensive advertising methods you can't afford to overlook.

★ What every good fundraising letter should have inside.

★ A sample fundraising letter you can copy.

★ 7 things any great fundraising letter will accomplish.

★ How to use emails and the Internet to maximize your fundraising efforts.

★ 9 ways to get the most out of face to face communications. Even if you're naturally shy.

★ 9 components of a powerful grant application.

★ How to take advantage of the power of press releases to maximize your fundraisers potential.

★ 7 components of every successful press release.

★ 4 "subtle" advertising opportunities.

★ 4 secrets of the "big corporations" that you can likely take advantage of.

★ 7 ways fundraising software can simplify your efforts.

★ 12 things your website must tell your visitors.

★ 5 secrets to psychology that will help you make your case to donors and bring in donations. Including 7 reasons why they may say no.

★ and much, Much More!

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