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Amazing Anatomy application where you will be able to see Central Nervous System related images in detail. Each image has it's explanation.
Zoom with your fingers to the section of most interest.
Email to yourself any image or section of an image you need.
Perfect for Doctor Patient communication. Keep in your pocket a huge database of CNS images.
In the future this application will be also a native Ipad application. So buy this application and you will have an Ipad version in the near future.
All images and text are in English and in Spanish.

The central nervous system

Embryological development, neurulation
Third week of development: gastrulation
Embryological development, closure of the neural tube
Embryo at 22 days
The central nervous system in the embryo
Embryo at 28 days
The cells of the nervous system
Anatomy of the central nervous system
Spinal cord
The cerebrum. Lateral view
The cerebrum. Coronal plane
The cerebrum. Medial view
The cerebrum. Inferior view
Blood brain barrier
Coverings of the encephalon
The cerebral cortex
Pyramidal neuron
The ventricular system of the brain I. Superior view
The ventricular system of the brain II
Ependymal cells
The cerebrospinal fluid
The basal ganglia. Superior view
The basal ganglia. Frontal view
....more images.....

The peripheral nervous system

Anatomy of the peripheral nervous system
Structure of a peripheral nerve
Brachial plexus
The nerve plexuses
The cranial nerves I
The cranial nerves II

The autonomic nervous system

The sympathetic nervous system
Peripheral sympathetic terminal
The parasympathetic nervous system
Peripheral parasympathetic nerve terminal

The senses and the principal routes of nerve conduction

Nerve conduction, structure of a synapse
Types of sensory receptors
Structure of a photoreceptor
The cutaneous sensory receptors
Distribution of cutaneous sensory receptors
The optic pathway
The sense of sight
The auditory pathway
The sense of hearing
The olfactory pathway
The sense of smell
...more images.....

Central nervous system diseases

Neural tube development
Defects of closure of the neural tube
Convulsions, causes of convulsions
Neuronal discharges in a convulsion
Types of epileptic crises
Petit mal
Cerebrovascular disease, ischemic stroke
Ischemia and cerebral infarction
Etiology of ischemic stroke
Cerebral sites affected
Most common sites of atheromatous plaques
Clinical consequences of ischemic stroke
Hypertensive encephalopathy
Physiopathogenic mechanism of cerebral edema
Consequences of chronic arterial hypertension on the CNS
Alzheimer’s disease
Neuronal changes in Alzheimer’s disease
Beta amiloid formation
Histopathology of Alzheimer’s disease
Clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease I
Clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease II
Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Neuroimaging in the differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Parkinson’s disease
Clinical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease I
Clinical manifestations of Parkinson’s disease II
Multiple sclerosis
Clinical manifestations of multiple sclerosis
Clinical patterns and course of multiple sclerosis
Natural history of Multiple sclerosis
Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
Bacterial meningitis
...more images.....

Diseases of the peripheral nerves

Diabetic neuropathy
Herpes zoster neuropathy
Herpes zoster infection
Entrapment neuropathy. Carpal tunnel syndrome
Trigeminal nerve
Trigeminal neuralgia
Disc hernia


The pain-conducting fibers
Neuromodulation of pain
Types of pain
Examples of nociceptive pain
Acute pain
Examples of acute pain
Chronic pain
Examples of chronic pain
Neuropathic pain
Examples of neuropathic pain
Type of migraine
Tension headache
Muscles of the head
Fibromyalgia trigger factors

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