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iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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Staying on top of the weather forecast is simple and easy with WeatherSnitch. Download this beautiful weather app and stay prepared for what mother nature throws at you every day, week and month. See temperatures in near real-time and more starting now!

WeatherSnitch is a lightweight mobile weather utility that places its focus squarely on helping you see the forecast as fast as possible. WeatherSnitch features a unique ‘twin-screen’ layout which keeps extended forecast information and current observations visible at all times. Get the inside scoop on upcoming weather conditions with Daily, Weekly and Monthly forecast views, including precise hour-by-hour temperature readings.

Need the weather fast? Enable WeatherSnitch’s live home screen icon for current temperature readings that update every 15 minutes! With just a glance you’ll know how hot or how cold it is, without even opening the app!

WeatherSnitch was made to replace the stock weather app. Designed for iOS, it's part of the family. Its simple, intuitive navigation makes getting the weather forecast faster and easier than ever before. Other weather apps come stocked full of distracting animations, unnecessarily large clocks and other convoluted features which slow them down and make them impractical. WeatherSnitch throws these tired gimmicks to the wayside and puts the weather forecast back in the spotlight.

The SnitchWeather network is powerful to say the least. Featuring over 3,000,000 locations and over 10,000 permanent weather stations. With WeatherSnitch you get high quality, highly reliable weather information regardless if you’re in a global metropolis, in the middle of nowhere, or anywhere in between. Furthermore since the SnitchWeather network refreshes its observations rapidly users benefit by getting updated weather information as fast as every 5 minutes!

WeatherSnitch forecasts include weather details such as:

• High, low and “feels like” temperature readings.
• Expected rain/snow information, including probability percentage and precipitation levels.
• Wind speed and direction.
• Relative humidity.
• Maximum visibility distance.
• Daily sunrise and sunset times.

WeatherSnitch includes built-in customer support:

If you experience any problems you can submit a report using the included problem reporter. If you just want to say hi, you can contact us through our web site or on Twitter and Facebook. For contact information visit:

WeatherSnitch™ is developed by Snitchware Inc.

WeatherSnitch 1.0.8 is recommended for all users and includes general fixes and improvements. We’ve tripled our coverage area with the addition of 20,000 new weather stations. Improved accuracy, better reliability and faster than ever.

★ Features
• Added 20,000 new weather stations

★ Changes
• Fixed an issue that could cause abnormally long humidity values
• Misc bug fixes and performance improvements

View more information on our web site:
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