Actual Patent Bar Q's and A's

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The “Actual Patent Bar Q's and A's” app provides 900 questions from previously administered exams, from October 2003 to November 1999. Whether you want to focus in on specific questions on particular tests, or whether you would like to try random test questions, this app displays the question, allows you to select the right answer, and gives you the answer and explanation after your selection has been made. You can study on the go, or just more easily access the questions and answers. The USPTO provides previous exams online, but in an organizational nightmare. Not only do you have to isolate questions and answers on two PDFs per exam, you also have an entire PDF to search through for particular questions. Rather than wasting valuable time pinpointing particular questions and answers using the USPTO’s online resources, this app allows for you to pinpoint questions and answers of interest with a single click of your finger.

The Patent Bar (officially the “Registration Examination”) is your ticket to becoming a registered patent agent or attorney. Passing this exam will make you much more marketable to employers as you will be registered to file patent-related documents. However, according to some websites, over 50% of those who take it don’t pass their first time. Don’t let that scare you away!

The best preparation for the exam is taking old exams and reviewing the material covered by the exam questions. Many questions on old exams will be repeated word-for-word on your exam. It is not uncommon to recognize half of the questions on your exam from old exam questions. The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions based on Patent Office procedures offered in two 3-hour sessions, for a total of 6 hours. If you get 70% of the graded questions right (there are some questions that are not graded), you will pass the exam. This app, along with your diligent study, will help you pass the exam.

Fixes the random question generator. Answer choices after question 2 now line up with every question. Also, after every question, the default scrolls up to the top of the next question. Finally, this update includes keeping track of high scores for the random generator.
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