Reminders! Removes gap between reminder and action.

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開発者Ripe Apps Inc.
リリース日2010-09-03 03:20:33
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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★ UPDATED and on SALE! ★ This is a "cult-like" app that will get you HOOKED!

Who doesn't need a reminder every now and then? Oh, you don't? You're one of those? The perfect type of person who can remember every single thing on your task list without even having a task list? If that's you, STOP READING THIS!

But if you're HUMAN like the rest of us, you probably forget things every now and then. Maybe because you're super busy. You probably don't even have time to brush your hair or shine your scalp. How can you possibly remember that you have a meeting at 4 am? Or that you have to eat your lunch at noon? YOU NEED A REMINDER FOR STUFF!

How could our Reminders! app be different from all the other apps out there that create pop up notifications and to-do lists? Our Reminders! app is fool-proof.

Those other apps just create a reminder. But I forget about reminders like that. My reminder says I have to email John Bob Smith. Then I have to close my pop up window. I have to go into my email app. Then I have to find John Bob's name in my contact list. Then I have to actually email him. This is wasted time! Why do I have to do this? Maybe I have ADHD. Maybe I'm like a bird who likes pecking at shiny things. Was I supposed to email someone? I guess it wasn't important anyway. Except maybe it IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER! Maybe John Bob was the guy I had to contact to collect on my lotto winnings? Either way, now I'm screwed. This could have all been avoided if I just had a better REMINDERS app.

Here's how our REMINDERS! app kicks the behind of any other program. It actually executes the task when you tell it to. That email you had to send John Bob? All you had to do when you created that task was just enter in John Bob's email and our app does the rest. When that notification pops up to remind you to email John Bob, there's a simple button you can click on that will actually lead you to composing that email RIGHT AWAY.

REMINDERS doesn't rely on a push notification but instead builds itself in the iOS framework. Which means you get your reminder in real time, even if you're in an area without network service. And it's not just emailing or calling people that you need REMINDERS for. Grocery store? Gym? Pet a dog? Rob a bank? (We do not condone illegal activity, especially if you get caught). We have a huge list of different tasks you can enter or choose from. It's because WE CAN READ YOUR MIND!!

✓ Action focused reminders
✓ Intelligent input
✓ iPhone's own notification dialogue
✓ Make a call
✓ Check a webpage
✓ Send an email
✓ Send a SMS/text message
✓ Address book Support
✓ In iPhone Mail Message Composing
✓ In iPhone SMS(Text Message) Composing
✓ Safari bookmarklet for quick URL import
✓ 20 custom alert sounds
✓ "Default Time" settings
✓ New action selector
✓ Custom SNOOZE
✓ Unlimited alerts & notifications
✓ Current Actions: Call, Meet, To Do, Email, SMS, Workout, Buy, Delivery, Check, Pick Up, Prescription

★★★★★ "I've put our entire sales team on REMINDERS! Thanks for an elegantly clean, quick, powerful tool." - Fred D.
★★★★★ "Thank you! Best App Purchase I've Made!!!" — by 11thCav
★★★★★ "Excellent App! Excellent Customer Support!" — John Shepherd
★★★★ "Very Good - Many Features" — by Primate1
★★★★★ "Finally a simple ToDo app that good" — by Huidi
★★★★★ "Great App! So Simple" — by Sarah M.S.
★★★★★ "Amazing!!!!!" — by Alex F.
★★★★★ "Great App!" — Mikko B.
★★★★★ "ROCKS!" — by loveit999
★★★ "Nice Start, nice features" — by Nate Fish
★★★★★ "i like it" — Jeff BM

"The Gadgeteer": Ripe Apps openly solicits suggestions for improvements and new features in their support forum, and with the way the app is evolving, it’s clear that they’re taking that feedback to heart — and that’s the best feature that any app can offer.

Updates for iOS 5.
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更新日時:2024年6月15日 03時20分




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