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互換性iOS 4.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
  • 2024-02-23 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
Musix is not iOS 7 compatible. It is being temporary removed from the store until we update it.

Musix Pro has been released and has many new features such as core/virtual midi, Audiobus support, scale selection and multiple colourings. You can find it by searching in the App Store. But for this price, we think the original Musix is still a deal.

A unique instrument/control surface where you can learn every Major/Minor chord in 2 minutes. The hexagon note layout allows songwriters to discover new melodies and musical relations, as well, novices can learn how to play music. If you want more sounds than the built in instrument Musix offers Midi (DSMI) and OSC out to control anything you want.

"Anyone who loves music, regardless of skill level, owes it to themselves to experience Musix. Simply exploring the app will open musical doors you never knew existed." -

Read more:
Checkout in action video:

"Musix is a Killer App!" -

NOTE: Musix is NOT meant to teach you how to play a piano! It is it's own instrument that has many benefits over a piano. By playing you will learn real relations between notes and patterns within music.

The definitive isomorphic keyboard.
Musix is a fully-customizable multiple-layout isomorphic musical keyboard.

Each hexagon on the screen is a note, and surrounding hexagons are harmonically related.


- Learn how to play every major and minor chord in minutes
- Play along with your favorite song without practicing for years
- Learn one shape, play in any key
- Explore music by the relationship between notes
       not by placement on an instrument
- Play along with your friends without being an expert
- Release the song in your head


- Different Key Sizes
- Slide the keys to show the notes you need
- Multiple Instrument Sounds
- OSC/Midi Support
     - Inter-note expressivity
- Preset Layouts
- Create Your Own Layout (iPad only)
- Play along with your favourite songs


What this means is that once you have learned a pattern, say a chord
or a scale, that pattern is the same for all keys, even the dreaded
A-Flat! What's more, you can learn to play melodies on a traditional
keyboard by playing them on the Musix keyboard and watching where the
sharps and flats go.

Songwriters benefit by discovering new melodies and musical
relationships. Novices find it easy to learn to play. Experienced
musicians are rewarded with an intuitive interface.

There are many isomorphic keyboards out there, from concertinas,
accordions, and "jammers" (which use the wicki-hayden layout) to
harmonic-table keyboards and more. You can have them all in one
application, and more besides.

Hexagonal isomorphic keyboards are defined by the harmonic
relationship between the keys. You can define the relationship in two
directions, say a major third and a minor third, and the third
direction is the difference of these two intervals (in this case, a

Musix comes with a set of built-in layouts which use different
harmonic relationships between the notes. Each layout has its own
advantages and disadvantages. For example, the harmonic table layout
allows you to play a major or minor chord with one finger, by
touching at the intersection of any three hexagons. The Wicki-Hayden
layout puts all the white keys together. Try them all and find one
that works for you.

You can change the size of the keys to fit your fingers and your
dexterity - start practicing with epic-sized keys and as you get
better you can make the keys smaller to give you more notes on the
screen. iPad keyboard layouts are fully customizable - create your own
isomorphic keyboard centred on any note.

- Fixed an iOS bug where selecting default layouts causes the application to crash.
- Fixed a bug which did not allow background audio
- Added a link to subscribe to future Musix and Musix Pro (to be released) news.
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