Box Paratrooper HD Lite

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開発者wei hong
リリース日2010-09-11 07:50:18
星3 (2人)
星4 (8人)
互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2023-11-29 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
This is the Lite Version for Box Paratrooper HD.
Box Paratrooper is an exciting and addictive game. The game takes place during World War II. You are on the allies parachuting down on the Sea near the German soil. Your mission is to send all the Paratroopers to the safe place on sea or your box pal will be killed by the shark jumping out of the sea!

Somewhere in the vast ocean, a special military unit is conducting an extremely dangerous task – to parachute different soldiers into a rugged reef terrain with limited landing space. As the officer in command, your skill in disciplining your men is critical to their survival. Try landing as much paratroopers as possible before the navy ship sails off, leaving the forsaken soldiers as appetizers for awaiting sharks.

A military aircraft carrying the soldiers to be deployed in the mission shall appear on the top screen when you enter the game. Their different shapes represent different soldier types, as well as their different roles during the parachuting process.

The landing points are at the bottom of the screen. As the game proceeds, the shapes and sizes of the reef will make it increasingly harder for your men to land. Luckily, experienced paratroopers sometimes appear to help out when the tough really gets going. Them put together with your commanding skills is the key the mission’s success.

Ensure the safety of your paratroopers until the navy ships comes pick them up. To do that, you must arrange your troopers with strategy. Distribution, selection, judgement, timing, and sometimes a little bit of luck are all neccessary to improve their chances of survival. Slowly accumulate experience in the skill of arranging their formations.

The paratroopers in the mission have differences both in type and rank, but because of air visibility restrictions, partial intel aren’t available to us. So we only know their unit types in advance before they start parachuting off the plane. Therefore, it is required that the commander is familiar with not only the different types, but also the combination of different ranks. Command them wisely to be stacked right and tight, or the paratroopers under would collapse due to the weight.

Your men are counting on you to survive the sharks. Avoid failure or hear them shout. Now you’ve heard the signal, good luck, and GO!

Game features:
① It’s similiar with Tetris, one of our most familiar childhood games. This different style of stacking can remind the grownup you warm and happy memories from childhood.
② Innovative gameplay which is easy to get used to. Trains the coordination of eyes, hands, and brain.
③ Various shapes and colors along with a compact rhythm adds up to a good gaming experience.

reajust the stages inside the game and make it more interesting.
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