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With the AAAFx app, you can tap into the Competitive Market Conditions that an EU regulated Broker can offer for your Forex investment!

Get the app and manage your AAAFx investment account anywhere, anytime, gaining access to place orders in Forex instruments, Commodities and Indices, review your trading history, Auto-trade with the experts, backtest your strategies and many more.

AAAFx Application features:
- Make deposits, upload personal documents and take on-the-go control of your investment account
- Enjoy full integration with the ZuluTrade Platform, the leading social trading network. Over 100.000 strategies and trading systems to follow and copy automatically, without having to monitor the Market 24/7
- Access to ZuluRank evaluation algorithm
- Diversify risk among multiple Currency Pairs and Strategies.
- Utilize the Margin Call-o-Meter to control risks
- Customize preferred trade size for Signal Provider execution
- Ability to manually close trades from Signal Providers
- Manually adjust Stops/Limits and set Trailing Stops on your trades
- Live Rate Charts with technical indicators
- Economic Calendar of Important Upcoming Financial Events
- AAAFx multilingual Live Chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Important Risk Disclosures:
Trading spot currencies involves substantial risk and there is always the potential for loss. Unique experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. Your trading results may vary. Because the risk factor is high in the foreign exchange market trading, only genuine "risk" funds should be used in such trading. If you do not have the extra capital that you can afford to lose, you should not trade in the foreign exchange market.
AAAFx recommends that investors should be cautious when using a mobile device to trade or receive data. Handheld mobile devices depend on wireless connectivity, are subject to the limitations of 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi and GPRS networks restrictions, and may not provide the investor with the same functions as accessing the trading platform from a web browser. AAAFx shall not be liable to any person for any losses, damages, costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, loss of profits, loss of use, direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages) resulting from the investor’s use of a handheld mobile device.
AAAFx is an EU Licensed and Regulated Broker. HCMC License no. 2/540/17.2.2010.

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