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I don't need Time Management. What I need right now is more time! That's all!
If I had more time, I could start managing it. But I don't have time to waste on managing something I don't have. Does that make sense? Of course it does!
Once you are so stretched out that you don't have time to get organized, once you are juggling far too many balls in the air, the only way out is - ? To have a heart attack - of course!

Ask anyone who had one! All of a sudden, none of those super important things you had to do today, tomorrow and next week is important at all.
Time stands still. All you have to do, is to think, pray, and count yourself lucky.

A famous entrepreneur was managing around 120 business ventures, before he died in a plane crash. And some of them were HUGE! Oh - he was piloting that plane himself - it was his hobby … hold on! How can anyone manage to keep track of 120 businesses, and still have hobbies? Most mortal people struggle to keep track of just one modest business. Like being a plumbing contractor, fast food franchise manager, or a school principal.
Some people have time to juggle dozens of people, a family with children at home, partying with friends all over the world, and still find time to play golf .

Not enough time?

Sorry my friend. You have just as much time as any successful CEO or sportsman has. We all have exactly 24 hours per day, not more, not less. It's what we do with our time that makes the difference.
The trick therefore is not to try to get more time. The trick is to use what we have - effectively.

All successful people in the world share one common thread – they know how to manage their time. They control their time, instead being controlled by it.
Your Time is yours, and it is the most precious thing you will ever have. Ask anyone who had a heart attack - how precious time in this world really is. How you should enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy! Not rush through it!

Good time management doesn't mean, that you must plan every minute, that you have to use every one of those minutes for work. On the contrary. Good time management means to have enough time to spend with your family, to have hobbies, go to shows, movies, watch sport, relax at the pool, have friends around for drinks, go on holidays, and still be able to run your business, do some work now and then. To play a few rounds of golf.

Would you like to be able to do all that? Easy! But you would have to learn how to manage your time, instead of complaining that you don't have enough of it. You have enough of it! Learn how to enjoy it!
Because you are an iPhone / iPad user, you are already ahead of others in the way you are thinking. You are using the most effective learning tool there is. You are the type of person, who knows how important it is to have the best tool, how to quickly find what you need to know. You like to do things the right way.
In this Time Management App you will learn:
✪ The Pareto Principle

✪ All about Delegating

✪ Proper way of Dealing with

✪ How to Tune Out time wasters

✪ Treating time as an investment

✪ Making Choices

✪ Giving Yourself a Break

✪ Cutting out Distractions

✪ How To Set Priorities

✪ How To Overcome Procrastination

✪ How To Set Priorities

✪ And much, much more

Most importantly for you right now, this App is concise, quick to learn and understand. It does what it teaches. It saves you time by teaching you in minutes, what you could study at a college for the whole year. What a waste of time that would be!

So snap up this App up before you get distracted by something else, and relax.
From now on, you have all the time in the world.

Addresses issues some users may have when updating their iPad to ver 4.2
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