Abuzz Alarm Clock Pro - Talking Clock

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リリース日2010-08-27 16:00:00
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互換性iOS 以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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(Review UK App Store) Fantastic ***** I've tried most of the alarm clocks in the app store, and out of all of them this is the best!!

(Reviews US App Store)
So Much For So Little *****
This app does so much, it's like several apps in one ...
Amazing *****
Only the greatest alarm app in the app store ...

With such high praises for this app you will miss out big time if you do not give it a try.

+New Features+
-Work now as night stand clock.
-Clock and snooze screen now also in landscape mode.
-Can set display to 10 different colors.
-Auto-dim, auto-dim delay, auto-brighten.
-Voice speak low battery level in percentage (Off by default).
-User adjustable snooze times.
-Integrated ShareMe button visible in landscape mode.
-Various gestures as set out below.

Can get time related info from alarm without opening your eyes by using tap gestures. Ideal for people that have bad eyesight. Use following gestures.
-Two finger single tap to speak time.
-Two finger double tap to speak day and date.
-Three finger single tap to speak day and time of next alarm.
-Three finger double tap to speak battery level.

+Settings Related Gestures+
-Pan for manual brightness adjust.
-One finger single tap to restore normal brightness.
-Two finger clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation to adjust display color.

+ Talking Clock +
- High voice quality text to speech engine
- Time, day, date announcements can be inserted into text to speech messages using tags
- User supplied motivational text to speech message
- Text to speech reminder of things to do or remember shortly after waking up
- Text to speech messages reminding you about birthdays and anniversaries.
- Speech volume control independent of alarm and music volumes
- Can embed sounds in front of or within text to speech messages

+ Alarm +
- Up to 8 alarms
- Set repeating days for each alarm or use once
- Choose from 22 sounds
- Snooze can be switched on or off
- Quick choice for 5 or 10 minute snooze
- Large snooze buttons
- Can speak chosen snooze action and time when snooze will expire
- Alarms synchronized with local notifications for when app is not running or suspended
- User adjustable reminder to set app to foreground before going to sleep
- Alert booster function to help you to really wake up

+ Music +
- Fall asleep to music with sleep timer
- Onboard music selection for sleep timer
- Sleep timer can also lock onto device's default iPod player app
- Each alarm can have own music selection for waking to different music on different days
- Start playing music before alarm sounds at user adjustable time
- Pause / play music if clock need to speak as per user settings
- Set music shuffle mode
- Music volume controls separate from voice and alarm volumes
- Music for falling asleep to and waking up with have independent volume controls

+ Miscellaneous +
Build in flashlight

Abuzz Alarm Clock Pro - Talking Clock also works in docking stations if music pre-wake of adequate duration is selected. If required, text to speech pre-wake announcements can be used while the device is in a docking station as long as it is within the music pre-wake period.

Integrated social sharing button that is visible in landscape mode.
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