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HALF OFF HOLIDAY SALE! Achieve your new years fitness goals with the swiss army knife of fitness apps, now at half the price!

The possibilities are endless with Fitbox. Add your own trackers and exercises in both the Strength Exercises app and the Custom Trackers app. Fitbox lets you track and graph *anything* you can think of - not just what we thought of.

Plot your body weight against the length of time you run, or your BMI against how many pushups you average or even your performance on biceps curls against your average Blood Alcohol Level (should you decide to).

Fitbox is the all-in-one solution for tracking your progress in numerous (and yet to be conceived) health and fitness related areas. You don't even have to leave FitBox to control your music - just use the song picker and the music controller at the bottom of the screen.

Apps included in FitBox:

Strength Exercises - over 200! ($1.99 - iFitness equivalent)
Basic Run Tracker
Push Up Counter (normally $0.99)
Weight Tracker (normally $0.99)
Custom Trackers - track ANYTHING
Unit Convertor
Interval Timer (normally $1.99)
White Noises - 20 white noises + playlist ability (normally $0.99)
Blood Alcohol Calculator and Tracker
BMI Calculator and Tracker

Features by App:

Strength Exercises:
- over 200 strength exercises of varying equipment and difficulty levels
- zoom in on high definition workout photographs (including double tap to zoom)
- instructions, tracking and graphing for each exercise
- ability to add custom exercises
- ability to add custom workouts

Basic Run Tracker
- Track distance, time, log notes
- tracking and graphing
- compare run data against ANY other data logged in FitBox

Push Up Counter
- Custom sounds
- track average, maximum push ups
- tracking and graphing
- compare push up data against ANY other data logged in FitBox

Weight Tracker
- track weight, log notes
- tracking and graphing
- compare weight data against ANY other data logged in FitBox - for example - plot your weight over time against your average run distance over time

Custom Trackers
- Flexible model allows you to track multiple types of data: weight, time, distance, numeric, and log notes.
- tracking and graphing
- compare your custom data against ANY other data logged in FitBox
- custom data which uses "Time" data type will link into Stopwatch app

Interval Timer
- Custom titles, duration, sounds and colors for each interval

White Noises
- Wide variety of 20 white noises
- ability to make playlists
- listen to and control White Noises from *anywhere* in FitBox (using bottom bar)

Blood Alcohol Calculator
- calculate your BAC
- tracking and graphing
- compare your BAC against ANY other data logged in FitBox

Body Mass Index Calculator
- calculate your BMI
- tracking and graphing
- compare your BMI against ANY other data logged in FitBox

- access the stopwatch start/pause/stop from *anywhere* inside FitBox
- when you clear the stopwatch you can easily add the time recorded to any tracker that tracks time (for example the Run Tracker)

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feedback, or problems, check out our website:

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