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This collectable magazine issue is a curated photographic panorama of scenes, commentaries and snippets from select films of the recent past and upcoming features. For the cinema fan, this issue is a time capsule of films that represent this era of the starting of tablet media. The issue begins with a look at an intense real life based Sundance winning Australian indie crime drama ANIMAL KINGDOM, then Nicole Holofcener’s PLEASE GIVE, followed by SCIFI action thriller INCEPTION, where director Christopher Nolan tells us a little about his visual mind bending extravaganza. We then get a look at the amazing French actor Vincent Cassel in what could be his seminal villainous role as criminal MESRINE in a two-part rollick of bank holdups and murder, spread over several continents. This issue is not about reviews, it is a place that shows off cinema and lets various related participants take us for a closer look at their world.

FOR ALL IPAD USERS UPGRADING TO IOS7: If you have any problems with your app after upgrading to IOS 7, please delete the app from your iPad and then re-install it. Please make sure you have a strong wifi connection and at least 3GB of available space. Please contact us at info@edition29.com for any upgrading assistance.

Each issue has bookmark capabilities, set soundtrack capabilities that allow you to listen to a narration, sounds or music while leafing through the magazine. All the content pages will be part of the download, while connected iPads will have access to community and gps features, with additional online supplemental materials that make this a vibrant living download to collect.

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