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互換性iOS 5.0以降が必要です。
iPhone、iPad および iPod touch 対応。
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PlaybookFootball-To Go gives football coaches the ability to create animated play diagrams and manage their virtual playbooks directly on the iPhone. Designed to simplify the visualization of plays through animation, PlaybookFootball-To Go breaks football plays down into individual steps and puts them back together to bring a coach’s vision to life for their players.

With PlaybookFootball-To Go, football coaches can also easily manage and organize their plays as a virtual playbook. Each play can have any number of custom tags that football coaches can use to quickly access during game time.

Coaches can also display their plays onto a projector or TV to walk-through plays during a team strategy session (requires the Apple VGA Dock Adapter). And, if players or other coaches want to study the plays on their own, plays can be shared with other iPhone and iPad users of the app (iTunes File Sharing) or emailed as a PDF for printing out hard copies.

- Create animated, step-by-step football play diagrams
- Watch your play come to life with animation and customize the playback speed
- Manage, organize, and quickly find your plays with Play Tags, to create a virtual playbook for game time
- Email your plays in PDF format for hard copy or digital distribution
- Email your play file to anyone with PlaybookFootball-To Go for the iPhone/iPad (can be opened via iTunes File Sharing, iOS 4 required for the iPhone)
- Plays are automatically saved and can be deleted too if needed
- Copy an existing play to make modifications and tweaks to the original
- Draw football specific lines based on the type of player movement (Run, Block, Pass/Handoff, Kick (Field Goal))
- Easily align players with 'Snap to Grid' functionality
- Choose from 10 different team colors (Lines are drawn according to the team color)
- Choose from 4 different fields, 30 Yds (from the 15 to 45), Between the 30s, Red Zone (40 to End Zone) and Goal Line (25 to End Zone)
- Choose to display 1-11 players per team and show/hide the opponents (Can display an uneven number of players per team, good for uneven plays or practice drills)
- Players can be displayed in three different styles (Position, Position Number, or X’s and O’s)
- Display PlaybookFootball-To Go on a TV/Projector with VGA Output (VGA Dock Adapter and iPhone 4 Required)

For a demonstration video, check out my YouTube Channel at:

Have questions or a feature request? Email me at

- Fixed issue with migration to PlayLocker Football
- Fixed potential crash issues
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