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互換性iOS 5.1以降が必要です。
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Miles apart from the countless boring and dated voice recorders out there, One Tap Voice Memos is packed with features while still delivering the most simple user interface. Record audio notes with a single tap, literally. Tap once to start the app and begin recording, and it stops automatically after a timer. Tap again for another, ad infinitum. Recording voice memos could not be easier.

Rich Features and Benefits:
- one single tap to record audio - most apps require 3 or more
- enhance recordings with notes, images, and hand written notes
- playback voice memos individually or in sequence
- customize recording prompts (including silent ones) and recording duration
- customizable categories for organizing recordings
- customizable image backgrounds for any screen
- optional password protection for extra security
- sort recordings alphabetically, chronologically, or their reverse orders
- email function sends complete notes with audio and image files
- ability to select 5 levels of audio recording quality from max compression to lossless
- switch between portrait and landscape modes to suit your mood
- no microphone necessary
- require no internet connection to record

As you can see, the application is easy and intuitive enough for grandma, while the rich feature set provides countless options for the most demanding customizations. Categorize, annotate, enhance, and organize to your heart’s content.

When weighing the many options for recording voice memos on the iPad, please consider this: This is the ONLY recording app that allows you to record unlimited voice memos with just one tap, without even looking at the screen. Organize all your recordings with unlimited categories and find them with the search feature. Annotate your voice memos with images, and handwriting doodle on the images. Can any voice memos app prompt you with a friendly voice? How about recording without an intrusive beep? How about stealth mode? Ever discovered your voice memo files too big to send via email? We thought of all of these and built these features to satisfy your needs.

For those looking for a voice memos app with many advanced features, this is the only one.

Caution: Even though operating this app is as easy as tapping anywhere on the screen, please do not use this app while driving. Safety first, so please focus on your driving.

The One Tap Voice Memos app is the perfect iPad companion for capturing your best thoughts, memorable speeches, prayers, meditations, lectures, and joyous moments. Leverage the elegant power of this application to take your productivity and creativity to new heights.

Whether you are a student, lawyer, doctor, business executive, teacher, individual user, or simply iPad lover, this app is for your personal and professional recordings. Find out why this app was featured #1 under “New & Noteworthy” by iTunes for its first week. Try it and you’ll be hooked.

Microphone Image Courtesy of Brauner Microphones, the world's best microphone!

We thank everyone for your overwhelming support. We strive to be the best and welcome any feedback and suggestions you may have. If you have any questions or issues not answered by the help file or our comprehensive support page, please email us. We very much value your opinion and that’s why we promise to respond within hours. Email us at for all your feedback. Thanks again.

1. Support iOS 7 and all previous iOS from 5.1 above
2. Bug Fixes
3. Easy than ever. Advanced features only when needed.
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