SurfingLife #2

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リリース日2010-08-18 16:33:40
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Some people just bung their magazine onto the iPad. Not us. Welcome to edition two of ASL's mighty app, made and designed with the 'pad in mind. All the goodness of a regular issue, with added video-enhancement glory, plus bonus extra material available only on this app.
This month's edition includes over 20 clips, and dozens of shots you won't see in the mag. Plus, master surf photographer Ted Grambeau talks exclusively about his body of work.

All up, if you include the slideshows there's over 200 pages of material featuring: the life of Pete Devries; tech tips with Nick Carroll; young ripper Creed McTaggart;  a disturbing wipeout reel; a bunch of surf hardware; an Indo exposé; day of the decade in West Australia; the remote North-west Pacific; good times in Mexico; Sebastian 'Seabass' Zeitz; an interview with the founder of Surfing Doctors; the stories behind the best photos of late, and an indecently attractive girl in a swimsuit tells us a joke.

Surfing Life is Australia’s number one surf magazine. With its finger on the pulse of the sport we all love, ASL covers the three pillars of surfing: travel, surfboards and surfing. Every issue combines world-class photography with words from the best scribes in the business.  The ASL voice is heard beyond the medium of print. You can find us on the web (, on your mobile (the free ASL Newsbreak), in your DVD player (an ASL DVD’s cover mounted on 4 issues of ASL each year), on email (sign up for a free newsletter) and even books.

Thanks for your feedback everyone! Now the entire ASL app downloads to your ipad when you buy it from the app store. Once downloaded you can read it and watch the clips without an internet connection! We’ve also fixed the bugs that made it crash! We’re hard at work on our next edition that’ll include social networking features and bookmarks.
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