eFactory HD

価格 120円
開発者Largemouth Software, LLC
リリース日2010-12-07 06:21:13
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互換性iOS 3.2以降が必要です。
iPad 対応。
  • 2023-04-01 このアプリは現在ストアから情報が取得できません。削除された可能性があります。
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eFactory HD is a new kind of puzzle game that tests your patience by combining speed, accuracy and planning. eFactory is fun for all ages, either one or two players.

*** Please note: eFactory is even better with Game Center support of leaderboards and achievements. To get Game Center, get the free iOS 4.2 update from Apple ***

Your new job is to assemble circuit boards by picking chips off a conveyor belt and carefully dropping them onto a circuit board. The task at hand may seem trivial, but three different game modes provide unique challenges to earning the best profit for one of four different circuit boards of increasing difficulty. Work smartly as the belt starts slowly and increases in speed every time you complete a board.

Pick Max Production to beat the clock as management lowers the time quota for each board and speeds up the assembly line to see how long you can last. You better save some of those chips before completing the boards...time gets shorter every time you complete a circuit!

Try Speed Board to see how quickly you can build a board and go for all of the $10,000 bonus for hitting the perfect speed. The quicker you complete a board, the larger the share of the bonus you earn. You've only got a few minutes to set a record and grab your share of the bonus, so work quickly.

And when you really want to see what life is like on the assembly line, choose Full Shift to work up to an hour to rack up achievements and profits that you can brag about on Game Center. Unlike the real world though, you can walk off the line whenever you need a break.

Earn achievements and track your best scores on the Game Center Leaderboard and Achievement pages. View your progress in the built-in High Scores page or share your scores with your friends to challenge them to beat your assembly line profits.

Hints: since some of the rarer chips are more important, save them in your storage tray when they pass by.

eFactory. A new kind of puzzle game that is fun and challenging for all ages!

- Added a hint note that will appear before each shift to help strategize scoring

- Added a countdown timer before the shift starts

- Minor bug fixes
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更新日時:2023年4月1日 04時34分




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