Gold Stars & Check Marks: Tap to Track Daily Goals and Habits

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If you like Gold Stars & Check Marks, be sure to check out our primary app, TraxItAll ($1.99). Its unique, patent-pending system gives you two additional tracking modes, i.e., “Count” and “Average.”

Also: Gold Stars is based on an older version of TraxItAll; the current version of TraxItAll adds some nice improvements, including:
• A very useful badge count, showing you how many "To-Do's” you have left for the current day.
• Longer Track Names
• You can customize all 12 Category Names
• Easier navigation and data-entry, and an improved UI
• A more stable app overall

VIDEO INTRO - If you’d like to see how TraxItAll works, we encourage you to check out our video intro at

What sets Gold Stars & Check Marks apart from the other Daily To Do list apps in the store? Very simply, Gold Stars not only reminds you of what you need to do; it also keeps a day-by-day record of what you’ve done! This means it’s not only a Daily To Do list app; it’s also a goal setting tool that motivates you by making you accountable to yourself for what you said you were going to do.

For example: How can Gold Stars help you to work out more? First, create a track called “Work Out.” Then, each day after you work out, just tap to enter a gold star for that day. Or, if you miss a work out, tap twice to enter a red “X.” At the end of the week, month, etc., TraxItAll will show you just how many times you worked out, and how well you did in relation to the goal you set for yourself. You can even email your reports to friends, colleagues, etc., so they can see how you’re doing as well.

You’ll be surprised what a great motivator this is! You’ll be much more likely to tell yourself to hit the gym, treadmill, running track, etc., so that you can tap in that “Yes.” The reason is simple: Gold Stars is making you accountable to yourself for what you said you were going to do. It’s no longer a vague goal of working out more; Gold Stars shows you exactly how well you’re doing.

Give yourself a gold star when you accomplish any daily goal you set for yourself, such as:
• I worked out
• I made 20 sales calls
• I practiced the piano
• I did my reading
• I studied a language for an hour
• I drank eight glasses of water
• I didn’t smoke
• I limited myself to one cup of coffee

For the minor tasks, enter a check mark to record that you’ve completed it:
• I fed the dogs
• I took my pills
• I ate a carrot
• I flossed

Gold Stars makes it easy to do!


Give Gold Stars & Check Marks a try; you’re worth the investment in yourself!


• Create as many different tracks as you like.
• Organize your to-do’s by category; 9 pre-set and three custom categories.
• Add brief notes to your daily entries.
• Create a recurring, automatic, daily “To Do” list.
• Choose different “Yes/No” symbols for different tasks.
• Quickly view Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, and Total reports.
• View reports in either “Goal Bar” or statistical format
• Easily share your reports via email with anyone who needs to see them.

This is a minor revision to:
1. Replace the App icon and one of the other graphics.
2. Fix the display of the App name on the device
3. Adjust some links.
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